It's My Big Day!! it's My Big Milk Tea!

Think about Wong Kok, the most Famous there is the their Milk Tea.. why?? coz u can't find it else where.. and i mean the SIZE!!! how big is it?? see the picture below..and it's only available for Birthday guy/girl and it's FREE!!!

Small Glass Meet Big Glass. that's the SIZE they have.. gosh...very big lar~ need to show ur IC to claim this big big glass. and must exactly on the day of your birthday~!!!

CHeers~ but no BOTTOM's UP!!! that's OBVIOUSLY Unfair!!wahhahaaha.

yeah~ Teh PENG!!!(Milk Tea) , drink drink drink~ anyone please help me reserved the washroom first... just in case....

erm... someone just ask for milk tea hahahahha, open your month plz...kakakka

hahaha, i DiD enjoyed my Milk Tea and Dinner tonight.. wahhaaha,thanks for everyone ^^. i have a happy moment :P.. funny... another restaurant that does not accept CREDIT CARD!!!
damn Fish when heard they said "we don't accept credit card" T__T. not enough cash lar....
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