New Job~ New COlleague~ New Environment

As previous Post. yeah i resigned, and today i'm 2nd day showing my face in my new company. New Environment! new Face! new Food!! New Price Tag !! T__T (KLCC mar). i found that colleague quite friendly here. My Wira finally get a rest at it's carpark. i'm taking LRT to work now. now most of my time is walk walk walk. hahaha, good diet..

there are a lot of New things i like about this new company. one of it? placed on my table. check it out. it's COOL!! i tot my 19" Wide screen is WIDE enough.. but this is way more cool :P. yeah, it's my working tools.

why needed 2 screen?? well.. i'm not so clear as well.. currently i used it for 1 Screen for another open Cari Forum. no need to ALT+TAB most of the time. from what my senior told me. 1 LCD for CODE'S checking, another LCD for WEB end result checking. sound cool? hope the workload won't scaring me away...

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babyfiona said...

huh! 2 screen? its interconnected one issit??? so weird :P

DonDon said...

Yeah loh~ dual screen interconnected.. think i need to request for dual mousepad as well. hahahaha. else not enough space to move :P

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