Today is the Day!!

what day is it??????
my Last day working in Emerge Webhosting... yeah... i had resigned from my job month ago.. and today is my last day showing up in this company.also is the day i having lunch with them as colleague. ^_^

well... here is where we go for the my farewell celebration. paddington pancake? located in THE CURVE.

hahaha,yeah~ there's everyone. Software Team.Design Team. hahaha,

hahaha, our Dai Ga Jie, Seek Wai,Naugty, Active, Happy Mother. ahhaha, btw.. she's PRO is food review. LOL. food blog lover. hahahaha. want eat something yummy, look for her. LOL

SUPERMAN and kelvin the designer.Superman working closely with me in nanyang project, haha, always said he secret identity is SUPERMAN. wahhaa , all the while looking for WONDER WOMEN. wahahahaha. good luck .wakakakakaka.

Loke Moon on the left is GENIUS that stay just near my place. hahaha,and the right side is Yew Meng. who also a Ex-Kompakar i heard. hahaha.

SAM ,Presales that also work very close with me in Nanyang project. wahaha,also girl that have the same english name with me Brother. lol. and ALAN at the right. hahah another EX-kompakarian, come in after 1 month i join Emerge. hahaha , end up day day ot at emerge. hwahaha look like very cham.. whahaha

ok, this is my technical manager ROY. hahaha, one of the company trouble maker.hahha,always put me on table. else drag me into water. hahaha,

Guess who's he? he's the 1 who took me in at the first place. yeah~ My Lou Sai~. kakaka, good hearted person.never see him angry,happy all the time. hahaha

Ok... i think that's all, ByeBye Emerge.. i'm not Naik Pangkat to Ex-Emerge liao. hahaha, so long~ new future await me. (hope is not hell)

Oh, before it come to the end.. i would like to share something funny. whahaha, check this notice which can be found in emerge toilet. cool isn't it? hahaha .

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Mischique said...

Yummmmyyy...I love Paddington's House of Pancakes!!!! Anyway thanks for always dropping by my place! You have a nice blog.

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