Zorbing Ball Ride at Lake Garden!!

i'm back with an update~ haha, nothing interesting recently.. so i didn't post any update. and add on my motherboard was toasted... so.. currently still waiting for the motherboard to come back.. (luckily still got warranty). had to suffer for 3 weeks, 3 WEEEKS!!!. ok.. back to topic. last weekend i join my colleague for ZORBING BALL RIDE!! what is that? i believe u able to recall when you saw the picture above. yeah~ an activities that was HOT in australia. and now they available in Malaysia. just started for 2 week's, and we are the first batch to roll with the ball. LOL.

Wow~ what's that? Zorb Ball.!! Imported from Australia i heard... worth.. Rm18k...siao~!! yeah~ that the ball we going to Roll with. there is Wet and Dry choice.. but due to some management issue... our WET choice have been cancelled... haihz...

Take a deep breath before you get into the ball, fu~~ fu~~fu~~, relax relax~ are your insurance still valid?? hahahaha

Me and the Zorbing Ball. coool~that's how it look like inside the ball. filled with AIR~

ok.. it's my turn now~ ready?and due to some plan changed.. there are not allowed to Roll with 1 candidates.. so.. i same ride with the activities organizer.yeah~ that's his Ball.

still... teaching us how to fasten the seatbelt. hahaha. how to tied ourself to the ball. how to act when inside the ball. bla bla bla. i hope faster finished.. coz inside the ball was SAUNA!!!

here is it~ ready to roll out~! i'll be roll from here to there~hope i won't crash on the tree's there. hahaha

Rescuse team come to the rescue , ok. that's it!! Rm30 is finished... well.. what i can say is.. maybe becasue of the land surface or location.. it roll less than 30 seconds as they promised. but what they told me.. the rolling time must not more than 1 minutes.

the Zorb Ball Team,mostly are.. friend geh friends. hahaha. and the organizer didn't come to join us today.. due to some family matters. too bad...

some picture taken from their official website. that i think is cOOL

anyone interested? come here ----> [ Zorb Ball Ride ]

I'm The Chosen One?? RM160,000,00 Winner??

hi guys....
i just want to share something RIDICULOUS!!BEWARE~!

last 2 week(may 28th that week ).a China lady(dai luk mui) said she called from Hong Kong.and said that i'm lucky person who chosen to attend Genting dunno what what exhibition.asked me few question about handphone.asking me to attend On June 8th at Genting.guess what is the time?? FRIDAY(JUNE 8th) 2PM to 5PM. no need to work meh? ask me go there in that time. so i just ignored it.

On JunE 8th, a lady(she again) called me up and say that i'm lucky candidates that won their price(i wasn't there wor).they said i didn't show up, so they try to check on me,and ask me is it possible to rush up there to take the price. i said that impossible.after that,since I'm not there to take the price. so they will reserved it for me. and will call me back.and i ask what i WON? she told me she don't know... ,she just got the Winner List(Vistim list for me) then the conversation just endup like that without any further information.(their number is "unknow" so.. is impossible to trace..

TODAY!!( June 14th) she called me again. and she tell me her name finally..Wang Wen Yen(sound very familiar huh?my big mom name) hahhaa, then this time chat a lot. she finally told me i won 360,000 HKD, yeap, Hong Kong Dollar, then keep saying is RM 160k, then waste my 45 minutes chit chatting what i'm going to do with that amount of money, open business or what? what their company do? why they having this exibition and bla bla bla, ok, she need my details to send to the lawyer.. ok...(end up just took my IC number).then hang up.

few hours later she call back.. and tell me that.. she already informed the lawyer and want me to call them out. and due to Malaysia law~ they will take up 20% of the price as TAX, so.. i need to return 20% of the Rm160k to them, ok.. (what? want me give out 30K 1st). nope.. i need to sign a contract that i WILL pay them back for sure, else LEGAL ACTION will be taken, (What the hell?), and i need to pay RM6K+- for the lawyer fees(this is really need to pay 1st). but ask me not to worried cause the RM6k++ will be discounted from the 20%?? (Rm30K - RM6k), so i need to pay back the RM 25K TAX!!!? SIAO AR!??

they said the LAWYER will accompany me to bank in that 160K to my account. with Cheque? nvm. after the bank in done? i will need to sign the contract, as far as i know.. while in kompakar everyone know some cash u can SEE, but u can't TAKE? those cash can be cancelled anytime.. guess what happen AFTER you signed the contract and they cancelled the 160K? i will end up OWE them RM25k and the RM6K will be gone.beside,the LAWYER also surname WANG,and he is also a Hong Kong guy?( i believe they are relative or something)

oh ya, this is the WEBSITE they gave me
http://www.hkjktech.com ,
funny thing is, they declare it is a Hong Kong company. but i can't see their company address.. and all the product listed there is for PRINTING purpose only. and.. i used a Domain Host Tracer to trace the location of this web.. result is.. SHANG HAI!!

i still wondering.. from where she got my details? she know my chinese full name. wah lau....well... i rarely use my chinese name.. still scratching my head how on earth they get my details.

after discussion with my friend. and my friend show me this artical on www.NST.com.my
the case is Exactly the same as i faced. damn.. i glad i'm not the 8th victim.
New Straight Time Similiar Case

LayKoon birthday at MidValley Chilis

Just the next day they celebrate merged birthday yesterday, and today there is another birthday to go. lay koon birthday.. this time we went to CHILIS. at last. i got a chance to step into chilis. hahaha. erm.. what can i say.. this birthday celebration? totally lost of control...bunch of crazy people with crazy act. whaha but really funny. i had my laugh there .

laykhoon with her birthday cake.. how old liao ar?? muahhahhaha

yeah~ hornestly.. Some.. i don't know who they are.. well just know they are CRAZY. cool~ Crazy party. knew some new friend were Crazy. wahaha

Happy birhhday...syok lar laykoon, so many zai celebrate for u ,wahahaha

erm.... who.. murdered the cake...?? what happen next?? funny.. haha everyday need to FEED the birthday gal eat cake and make her a birthday wish? whaahha , as i said.. crazy... ppl with crazy celebration... and some photo... even crazy.. sorry lor.. can't show here.hahaha

Belated and Upcoming Birthday Celebration.

Ok.. i'm the belated birthday guy(may 27th), and wanyee is the upcoming birthday girl (June 7th). so just merged together since nowdays everyone is not free as before. so merged lor~ eventhough our birthday consider close. but this is 1st time we celebrate together...

we went to YUAN buffet steamboat first, just infront of sunway pyramid. then only we continue with our next station.. HAO cafe.. already been a while didn't went to HALO cafe.. nice. near OUG Halo cafe :p

Yum Seng~ what you want to drink?? i mean... what colour you want to drink? hahaha, heard someone complained said got 1 taste like medicine. hahaha, i wonder which 1.. haha

Unplugged music always the best. haha, yeah~ that night geh music.. somehow... most of them are heart touching... they are good.. they make me remind my decoration purpose guitar. haha, long time didn't touch my guitar liao :p.

Here's Everyone~ so called "Pangkor Gang" by SOMEBODY. hahhaha, still got 1 or 2 missing in the picture...

The birthday boy (belated,) and the birthday girl (upcoming).and this is our first combine birthday celebration. she used to be a very good birthday organizer. all the best : )

Live Broadcast of "Do You Think You Can Dance"

hahaha, heard about "So You Think You Can DANCE"? nope.. hahaha, but i heard they were famous show on 8TV every thursday night 930PM? nvm. and i saw smashPop mentioned that he able to get free ticket to watch it live? so hahaha, here i am :P

VIP ticket to the show?
Thansk to SmashPop, hwhaha he's the source where i got this piece of ticket. VIP? hahaha. still need to stand and squeeze into croud of supporter. it held inside RUUM.

Opening Dance By all the contester.Cool
the first dance performance of the day.the Live Broadcast just turned on, it's On AIR now.nice pose :P

the Judge said...
Ops... scary moment... let's listen to what the judge complaining.....

do not leave me here
let see some of the nice part of their dance performance. "please don't leave me...." nice huh?

Chinese dance
this is the chinese dance? performed by non-chinese. hahaha, cool , kung fu??

wow~~ Titanic?? that's cool , romance wor... not bad not bad.

here is all tonight Surviver~ group photo before everything come to an end. want to see them? need to wait for 1 week, then meet them at the same time and same place.

hahaha, this is the machine that brings everything tonight to LIVE BROADCAST. whahaa, is cool, it's a SONY!, hwaha wonder did i appear in the screen of TV or not ,LOL.
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