LayKoon birthday at MidValley Chilis

Just the next day they celebrate merged birthday yesterday, and today there is another birthday to go. lay koon birthday.. this time we went to CHILIS. at last. i got a chance to step into chilis. hahaha. erm.. what can i say.. this birthday celebration? totally lost of control...bunch of crazy people with crazy act. whaha but really funny. i had my laugh there .

laykhoon with her birthday cake.. how old liao ar?? muahhahhaha

yeah~ hornestly.. Some.. i don't know who they are.. well just know they are CRAZY. cool~ Crazy party. knew some new friend were Crazy. wahaha

Happy birhhday...syok lar laykoon, so many zai celebrate for u ,wahahaha

erm.... who.. murdered the cake...?? what happen next?? funny.. haha everyday need to FEED the birthday gal eat cake and make her a birthday wish? whaahha , as i said.. crazy... ppl with crazy celebration... and some photo... even crazy.. sorry lor.. can't show here.hahaha
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