Genting Three Wonder's

what's Good in Genting?? what else?of course is Coffee Bean Ice Blended! it's COLD, and must sit outside and exposed to COLD WIND. wowowo~ Cool~ if possible take off the jacket also. wahahaha.

my Ice Blended!! yummy~ this is my ice blended. i love a spend a moment drinking ice cold Blended under Genting cold environment. hahaha, it's cool~ trust me.hahaha, chill ur body inside out.

cheer's~ the 3 mad ppl go genting just for ice blended. hahahaha. chye is busy talking business with uncle lim. that why' he's not here. we come out early.. know what happened la.

hey~where's our jacket goes??ok.. all is here! hahahaha, someone who's said very cold very cold. hahaha.and end up wearing all our jacket.


and.. before we go into casino.. guess Who we saw? yeah~ tonight is Hacken Lee concert in Genting. and this is what we see in close range, yeah~ he just finished his concert show. and on his way to.. (i dunno where). we don't really aware about this. and.. trust me.. the parking.... is scary..


guess what i see? Lamborghini Garrado wor.. wait.... is dosen't look like ordinary Garrado...

Garrado Superleggera

it's Lamborghini Garrado Superleggera, it just launched not long ago..a Enhanced Version of Gallardo.. you won't see this car on street always.. lot's of carbon fiber.

Garrado Superleggera
just like ferrari.there's also another same version of this garrado but black in colour. both is Singapore Owner..

the little Cow from Lamborghini.. i wish i can be the CowBoy, let go in find uncle LIM.. [2 hour's later] ok.. uncle lim said he need some money to build road.. and i donated some. T__T . haih.. tot can create FOURTH WONDER tim gar...


Return Of My Wira!!

Wiwi is BACK
here is it! my Wiwi is back! with new headlamp! and cost me RM1200 for the repair T__T.

Workshop :"Don'z, your car is ready to collect"
Don'z :"Cool~ how much is the repair Cost?"

Workshop :"your's will be RM7XX"
Don'z :"ok, that's sound fair..how much is the opponent repair cost?"

Workshop :"that Vios repair would be around RM400 as told earlier.. coz of bla..bla..bla..(start explain why so exp...)"
Don'z :"okay.. i'm fine with that,i'll be there tonight ."

Workshop :"Okay~ that will be RM11XX in total. give me a call before you come."
Don'z :*Shock!*" what the? RM11XX? i tot is RM7XX?"

Workshop :"RM7XX is just for your wira..cost the New headlamp cost XXX and the workmanship about XXX and paint XXX then Bla.. bla..bla..."
Don'z :"okay...T__T,can i bankin to u?"

Workshop :"sure, see you tonight"
Don'z :"yeah~see ya.."

let see.. what NEW HEADLAMP? here is it...
new eyes

Black Crystal Headlamp. look better than Stock anyway. since also have to change. one shot change lor...this , at first tot of change projector headlamp...too expensive for that now.. need to bear 2 car repair cost. so.. i skipped... and luckily the workshop guy told me my bumper can be fixed, and no need to buy new bumper . beside.. the bumper i show below... gosh.. RM800 for fibre glass material.. too much for such material.. exclude paint.. ok.. i skip that also.. T__T else is a big big vomit blood.

spot the diff?? not big diff.. want see big diff?? check my repair receipt.hahhaaha. nvm. as long my wira is back! ^^

i Did it again...Sorry my Wira...

Dim gai?? Dim Gai??? Why Why!!? Oh Shit!! My wira get Hurt'S again!! is FOURTH TIME since i owned it... shit! this time jialat a bit... need to covered opponent car repair's cost. SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!! and is TOYOTA VIOS!! who fault????.........me lor... my fault....

haihz.. bumper cracked.. Bonet uncloseable , headlamp certified for replacement... body missshape a little... this happen about 3 minutes i start my car...T__T

this is the opponent Car.. no big deal??? scratch only... WTF!? my wira is Malaysia Initial D car.
why?? coz is TAUFU CAR!!! fragile like TAUFU.!!

come out from carpark.. look left.. no car(ghost cover eyes! maybe is black car + rainning) and there is a car comming from right. so i accelerate to go out.. suddenly... VIOS apear and GIVE ME FIVE!! ...

Proton Wira VID Bodykits
just now surf around the net.. and found this photo .. i think is cool... erm... should i??

Luckily is Chinese... easier to settle.. aulthough come out from car keep scolding ~.~ earlier.. is july....very!!!!

Kena TAG!!

okay.. here my answer sheet, kena tag by babyfiona.. first time kena tag.. so post my answer here.. herheh.

and complete 17 of questions below:

1. A person is only as good as …
2. Friendship is always …
3. To love is to … Hurt yourself by the chosen one
4. Money makes me … remind my grown up place..(sandakan)
5. I miss … my basketball gang...
6. My way of saying I care is by …
7. I try to spread love and happiness by …
8. Pick the flowers when ……you think u got extra money for SAMAN
9. To love someone is to …
10. Beauty is … beauty in internal, not physical outlook.
11. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was … i skipped REMOVE and straigh away to FORM ONE!!

12. When I was twenty one, I remember …gosh!!! why my college so many IndiaMali lecturer?
13. I am most happy when … can travelling with friends
14. Nothing makes me happier than …
15. If I can change one thing, I will change … my Proton Wira to Toyota Celica
16. If smiles were …something we need to pay … then i'm broked long time ago
17. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could …… have four season like some country does..
18. If you want to … get yourself a dreamcar … then you have to … go to bed and start dreaming

19. Money is not everything but … without it you don't have Anything
20. The most touching moments I have experienced is …someone baked me a birthday cake.
21. I smile when …
22. When I am happy, … i'll smile lor
23. If only I don’t have to … worried about financial problem… then … i would be travelling around the world
24. The best thing I did yesterday was … i crashed my wira.. again T.T
25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title.. "Don'z Memories "
26. One thing I must do before I die is … i want to Ski and exprience Winter snow
27. Doing this meme, I feel like …i gonna be fishing for the next day...(3am now..)


Go Kart Race In Shah Alam!!!

Last friday~ our company declare that only work for half day. why huh? well.. our company celebrating 6th years Anniversary. so rest of the day? is RACE MATCH!!! yeah~ after lunch we straight away head toward Shah Alam! is time for a little Race!!

Here some photo taken by my colleague EKA. that's my Kart, 80cc , Auto Transmition :p.this kart can Accelerate real fast! just look at is size small small, is a FR (or MR),it can DRIFT!!

Everyone~ Driver Dosen't Choose the car, is the Car who choose the driver. is truth.. why? because of the Size of the bucket Seat... hahaha, and.. realised something? there is NO SEAT BELT, hope no police around.LOL.

Get Ready? start your Engine!! this part i found kinda fun! there is a safety car(yellow with 2 steering) will bring u round the 1st lap, with speed limited, then once the safety car return to pit stop. the race Begin!!

Race finished!! is time to check the ranking! what's is my Best Lap?yeah~ they did keep track of everyone lap Timing and Racer Ranking.Cool rite?

here some closer look of the result... i'm ranked number 5 T_T, they are fast...quoted lap time is the Best Lap time.

well.. they said the car is Extremely stable. and i believe that.but sometimes... things like this still might happen.this is not cause of cornering. he crash on tyre wall... gosh.. he did flip his kart upside down... and caused him this injury...

look at her!! damn cute!! with FULLY EQUIPED RACING GEAR!!! i like that!! Racing Queen!! waiting for his dad middle of racing.

Private PROFESSIONAL Kart? is totally different from what they got!it got Digital Display on the Steering! oh my~ my Wira also Don't have T__T. i wonder who's kart is this. the Red Racing Queen ?? No idea...

Go KART race member. that all the Racing. group Photos. 15 racer, 15 laps, 1 winner, what's the grand price? Race Result sheet. you can bring that home LOL.

that's our Race Track! see the corner? yeah~ i drift there~ which 1? all of them :p , Oversteer,Understeer,Spin out. Successfully drift~ all in this race track!! absolutely COOL~
and expensive as well T__T

Some photo taken middle of racing, the kart on Service , and yellow kart is Safety car with 2 Steering. wonder why they need 2 steering. hahaha. who ever wish to look for more details, you can visit their website [CityKarting ].

Bon Odori at Shah Alam

Bondori, i heard about this event since 2000, but always facing obstacles to attend it,i heard it sound fun since can exprience some japanese culture there. but i only able to go for my first time this year. yeah i know... i'm a bit old for the activities. haha, hardly see same age people there.

Bondori Hand Fan. grab a lot at the entrance, hahahaha, can decorate at home or at my car later. hahahhaa. a proved of went to bonodori this year.

Me and Jen at Shah Alam Bonodori~ while waiting for the event to kick start. hehehehe. we grab a lot fan... coz later going to be warm.. very very warm. hahahaha.

here's the Bon Odori programme list. dance dance and still dance~ basically part 1 ,part 2 and part 3 is the same dance. jut repeat and repeat. hahaha.

Dance Begins. start dancing. their cloth kinda nice~ is called as Yukatabira. is nice~ look like really japan feel, japan style.

more closer look of japan girl? XD. cool~drummer sit there for the chance to perform? hahaha.erm?? indian japanese on the left?that still normal.. i saw a malay wearing Yukatabira with TUDUNG!!! OMG!!! what is that? look so funny to me.

ok.... time for some Japanese food? erm... after i saw this situation... i got stunned.... gosh...everyone must be very very hungry.....even the food in the stall is Sold Out... almost nothing left... that's... crazy...

got something from the stall at last...what's this? Japan style Ais Kacang?? is ICE with some flavour . lol. don bothers. is hot here~ a cold things like this will do just fine :P, i failed to get some japan food from the stall.. it.. scary...i mean the croud..

ok.. the show's over. the dance finished, japan girl? all starting to go home. nothing else left. here is the dancing stage . i wish to go up there to snap some photo. hahaa my friend said i can snap photo with security if i go up there. hahaha.

some others photo. japanese culture..i tot can eat a lot of japanese food there.. but i were dissapointed. haih.. i even saw sushi king stall there. funny~ but no shogun, no genki sushi, no saisaki or yagoya, LOL , want to attend this event? bah~ bah~ wait for next year lar. and i notice this is the 31st Bonodori in malaysia~ don't believe? see the Hand Fan. LOL

YIk Wedding

Onn Chai Yik! suddenly ask for my full name, i gave liao then a red bomb with my name. hahaha, walau~ kena bomb liao. hwahaha, anyway congratulation !! hahaha, although already know earlier. hahaha. i think he is the 1st apiitian i know get married. among all i know. and i accidently heard.. 2 pair more coming soon.. glups... hahha, congratulation. ^_^

Pork Pork Golden Crispy Pork , yummy~ One of the attractive food of the night. whahaha.Pork Pork Pork!!!

yeah~ there goes all the APIITIAN!! cheer's~ yum seng~~is hard to gather apiitian out like this. yum yum yum~ is Chai yik Wedding!! must Yum~

Apiit-ian Group photo and the Just Married couple. the Red Bomber!! hahaha , now we all awaits Chinese new year to come.! waiting for the TWO PACK ang pao. LOL!!!

P/S: oh~ one more things to highlight... that night.. a waiter... he tot my glass of Red wine was COKE! refilled Coke + ice for me..... use yuor imagination how that's taste like... =..=""

One Day Trip To Melacca

My Mom always want to go Melaka for the Chicken Rice Ball. hahaham and here is it. 1 day trip to Melaka, yeah~ (everyone Overslept in the morning :P) haha departure on 8Am and back to Kl about next day 4am.. gosh.. almost 18 hours... here are trip photo :P. Back to my Home town. haha, really funny.. Gua Olang Melaka, but Lost in Melaka. muahahaha.

MELAKA famous Chicken Rice Ball!! yummy~ that our Melaka Objective!! Rice Ball!! kakakaka with whole chciken ! Only available in Melaka :p. someone said Muar geh Rice ball even bigger. hope some day got chance to try it :p

Another Melaka Trademark Bicycle.1 round to afamaso is Rm10 ,half an hour for RM20, 1 hour for RM 40. we just took 3 beca and journey to the afamosa. and come back. about 15 minutes only.

riding on the Melaka Traditional bicycle.. "Beca".. yeap.. nowdays already replaced by TAXI. the only transport that won't get affected when malaysia government put a price hike in fuel price.

Next activities is.. Satay Celup!! another Food only available in Melaka. Cool! look at those food~ walla~eat till you stomach full!! ahhaha

Cowboy Town in MELAKA. Night time we only able to arrived in this place. a bit late, but the cowbo town is open for 24 hours. walk in. feel like western style. all building look like cowboy street.

Red Indian show in Cowboy Town! the only show available left... is cool~ the way they play with the flame, fire eater. but is not as good as first time i attend the show.. few years back..when i come to melaka with my collage friends

What's this?? blue and yellow eyes! this is not a Ordinary CAT!? hahaha, found it somewhere in Melaka. what cat mix what cat will come out a cat like this?? is really cool for me. thinking to kidnap it tim. hwahahhaha. my friend said it wear 1 side colour contact lens =..=. another friend of mine said that cat has a Heterochromia


i heard a lot'S!! of good review from friend's and blog's comment that TRANSFORMERS is brilliant,absolutely cool,breathtaking bla bla bla~ okay! that mean i CAN"T miss this movie. since it so cool? why not watch it in a cool theather? yeah i mean IMAX!! i notice it also showing in IMAX. this is the Poster i saw and i decide to "watch it LIFE SIZE"! since NO ONE said transformer is bad, i think is worth watch it in a bigger size screen :P

yeah~ i went there to buy ticket in 3 days earlier.. guess what? the perfect middle seat? all sold out...(what the....)i had no choice to choose a bit left seat.. oh well.. since IMAX got lots of seat.. nvm, as long i got the ticket.

another Banner shows that IMAX got Transformer. for those who like to check on movie showing in IMAX? please go to http://www.cinemaonline.com.my/ , can check the showtime and movie available there, also included GSC and TGV.. BUT!!! Imax cinema had to use phone booking... i think they still dun have the online booking system..

Camaro VS Mustang!! Battle of 2 American Muscle Car, this is the part i love when the movie in action, absolutely Fantastic! it transform from vehicle to robot middle of high speed.. XD..

this movie seriously impressed me! never see something like it!!previously i saw the poster.. hey! what they did to TRANSFORMERS!!! that's not my childhood optimus Prime!! that's Something else!!! but when i watch the movie.. COOL!! still bring back childhood memory.
few part's of the movie that i like..

- Battle of Mustang and Camaro!!love it love it love it!! XD
- the Decepticon Destroying Army Air Base!!
- Battle of Optimus Prime and Megatron!! "One shall Stand and One Shall Fall" that's CLASSIC!
- Bumblebee can PEE!!! LOL !!
- they way they stay out of sight from the family.hahaha, got 1 even HIDE inside the house! haha.
- the Mustang asking the guy is he the guy put the glasses bidding on ebay! lol.
- Optimus Prime 1st TransFORM !! Fantastic!!!

this is the 2nd movie that i make me bring back my memories.. first is the Final Fantasy 7 : Advant Children, and now... is Transformer.. COOL!!

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