i heard a lot'S!! of good review from friend's and blog's comment that TRANSFORMERS is brilliant,absolutely cool,breathtaking bla bla bla~ okay! that mean i CAN"T miss this movie. since it so cool? why not watch it in a cool theather? yeah i mean IMAX!! i notice it also showing in IMAX. this is the Poster i saw and i decide to "watch it LIFE SIZE"! since NO ONE said transformer is bad, i think is worth watch it in a bigger size screen :P

yeah~ i went there to buy ticket in 3 days earlier.. guess what? the perfect middle seat? all sold out...(what the....)i had no choice to choose a bit left seat.. oh well.. since IMAX got lots of seat.. nvm, as long i got the ticket.

another Banner shows that IMAX got Transformer. for those who like to check on movie showing in IMAX? please go to , can check the showtime and movie available there, also included GSC and TGV.. BUT!!! Imax cinema had to use phone booking... i think they still dun have the online booking system..

Camaro VS Mustang!! Battle of 2 American Muscle Car, this is the part i love when the movie in action, absolutely Fantastic! it transform from vehicle to robot middle of high speed.. XD..

this movie seriously impressed me! never see something like it!!previously i saw the poster.. hey! what they did to TRANSFORMERS!!! that's not my childhood optimus Prime!! that's Something else!!! but when i watch the movie.. COOL!! still bring back childhood memory.
few part's of the movie that i like..

- Battle of Mustang and Camaro!!love it love it love it!! XD
- the Decepticon Destroying Army Air Base!!
- Battle of Optimus Prime and Megatron!! "One shall Stand and One Shall Fall" that's CLASSIC!
- Bumblebee can PEE!!! LOL !!
- they way they stay out of sight from the family.hahaha, got 1 even HIDE inside the house! haha.
- the Mustang asking the guy is he the guy put the glasses bidding on ebay! lol.
- Optimus Prime 1st TransFORM !! Fantastic!!!

this is the 2nd movie that i make me bring back my memories.. first is the Final Fantasy 7 : Advant Children, and now... is Transformer.. COOL!!

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