YIk Wedding

Onn Chai Yik! suddenly ask for my full name, i gave liao then a red bomb with my name. hahaha, walau~ kena bomb liao. hwahaha, anyway congratulation !! hahaha, although already know earlier. hahaha. i think he is the 1st apiitian i know get married. among all i know. and i accidently heard.. 2 pair more coming soon.. glups... hahha, congratulation. ^_^

Pork Pork Golden Crispy Pork , yummy~ One of the attractive food of the night. whahaha.Pork Pork Pork!!!

yeah~ there goes all the APIITIAN!! cheer's~ yum seng~~is hard to gather apiitian out like this. yum yum yum~ is Chai yik Wedding!! must Yum~

Apiit-ian Group photo and the Just Married couple. the Red Bomber!! hahaha , now we all awaits Chinese new year to come.! waiting for the TWO PACK ang pao. LOL!!!

P/S: oh~ one more things to highlight... that night.. a waiter... he tot my glass of Red wine was COKE! refilled Coke + ice for me..... use yuor imagination how that's taste like... =..=""
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