Entering the War of Paint Ball

Don'z is going to enter the Battle Zone!!! yeah~ bukit Tinggi have a War zone. Paint Gun!! prepared to get shoot, maybe monday u can get a MC from doctor .LOL.

i'm Fully equiped with their armor. protection gear. Chest Protection, long sleave shirt and long pants. look like terrorist! hahaha oh, and the Protection Mask as well. :P

Salute!! Captain is taking the photo! hahaha. welled prepared for battle field

The Battle field Soldier!! all look like terrorist with the war gear (equipment).

here come our weapon...i got no idea what model is it... just know you gonna get hurt if get shoot in close range....really ouch...

some rules and regulation that MUST follow... else you're out of the War Game. Follow and obey the Instruction!

More picture of the Paintgun.. sorry lor~ no picture During the war. during war don't have time to take picture. hahaha

some photo's taken while preparing for war.. and .. the worst part i kena shooot.... it's hurt.... 1 bleeding and few spot are BlueBlack..... Pain... i got BattleScar!!

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cbenc12 said...

Gee.. I wanna play that too!!! Seems so fun though ur shot at leg looks gross...

Btw, I have tagged you for your One Word Meme~
There's plenty you can share with one word ;)

The tag is here : http://www.liferollercoaster.com/index.php/2007/08/25/memes/

Have a nice weekend ya!

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