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long time didn't check my blog.. then notice kena tagged by cbenc12 , recently also nothing special to update.. so... here goes..

Where is your cell phone? with me lo
Relationship? erm.....
Your hair? curly a bit..
Work? recently almost can't breath..
Your sister? got ar~ ironing cloth's there now
Your favorite thing? Food Hunt, Adventure, Travelling.
Your dream last night? can't remember wor...
Your favorite drink? Starbuck!!! Ice Blended
Your dream car? Toyota Celica,Honda Civic Type-R (wonder when will come)
The room you’re in? Mine lar of course.
Your shoes? hmph... time to get some new shoe...

Your fears? a lot....
What do you want to be in 10 years? Travel Around the World.
Who did you hang out with this weekend? ex-colleague, friends

What are you not good at? food hunt?
One of your wish list items? travel oversea, companion
Where you grew up? somewhere east
Last thing you did? Eat Dim SUm early morning (4am)
What are you wearing? short pants lo
What aren’t you wearing? cloth
Your pet? erm... moved to kl no more pet liao...
Your computer? i can't survive without it..
Your life? nothing special

Your mood? sleepy..
What are you thinking about right now? Diet!
Your car? Proton Wira
Your kitchen? sorry.. don't have.. the kitchen belongs to my sis..
Your summer? hot..

Your favorite color? Blue,silver
Last time you laughed? an hour ago.
Last time you cried? forgot watching which movie jor.
School? remind my my ex-schoolmate.
Love? sound like a sharp knife to me.

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cbenc12 said...

Whoa, love sounded like a sharp knife.. someone been hurt before..

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