Cloverfield @ GoldClass Watching Viewcam Tape

Let talk about movie today. why movie? hahah, because is my first time went to GSC Gold Class for movie.. what movie ar? Cloverfield. what's it all about??? you will heard "ViewCam" from me as the answer.

what? ViewCam? you must be kidding me? like pirated VCD capture inside cinema those type ar ar?
"erm... sort of, just they move around a lot"
who's the main actress in the movie?
wow, congratulation. you SHIONG CHEH(being tricked) liao.

Bad Movie?? NOPE, i denied that! is a fantastic movie to me. why?
1 ) you'll feel like you're part of the movie. like you going through the whole movie.
2 ) Realistic!!! "ViewCam" + "Computer Graphic" = "Realistic"
3 ) Exciting! escaping! Run, fighting monster? being ate by monster? wow...
4 ) Mysterious! you won't know what going to happen next.

okay.. advice for watching this movie... get a REALLY confortable seat. don't get front row, trust me.. you won't want to go toilet vomit half way though the movie. another suggestion.. made sure u confortable while playing Counter Strike. yeah.. else.. dizzy.. viewcam mar. shaky! dun have anti shake i guess...

yeah~ confortable seat. yeah.. really confortable. lay down and enjoy the movie.. wel.. if the story slightly boring? i'll sleep though the whole movie.. hahaha, if you feel sleepy, don't go for gold class. hahaha,there might be a chance that u sleep though the whole movie. hahahaa

Gold Class Hall in One Utama's.. really classy. man.. i love the seat.

"while you watching cloverfield ar.. i heard very dizzy wor.. you bought which row ar?"
"erm... third row from the screen wor.. "
"wah lau! so near ar?"

"No lar just nice."
"sure boh?"
"of course la, i love the movie summore"
"you sick ar?"
/*third row wasn't that bad jeh. hehehe*/

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SlowCatchUpKuan said...

waaa... ur review so detailed hahaha

Canny Har™ said... class... i also want....

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