KFC Potable,Set A and Set B?

Har? KFC also got delivery meh? i though only McDonald have it? yeah , correct, just McDonald have it.hahah that what is this? haha, just a Portable KFC outlet?

I curious that.. slim river have KFC? weird. just a small town. i didn't see any KFC outlet around. but i saw someone is licking finger of KFC? so i went out and look around..

Yeah.. i found this. portable KFC outlet? haha cool.. never see this b4. let check it out. what's the different.

Don : Gimme zinger burger,
KFC :Don't Have
Don : Gimme Cheesy wedges,
KFC : Don't have
Don : Gimme Triple XL meal,
KFC: Don't have,
Don : Har? so what do you have?
KFC : Set A and Set B.

I look at the menu board... Set A.. and Set B... what the different's was... "frence fries"... aiks...

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Canny Har™ said...
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Canny Har™ said...

HAHAHAHA! Funny!!! BUt the KFC kinda cute..where's the place?

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