Up Up To the Fraser Hill!

Let's Go Up To Fraser Hill!!!

Fraser Hill
This time.. i pay a visit to FRASER HILL!! yeah.. Hill again. hwahaha, my friend Msg me day before i go fraser hill, i tot as cold as cameron or genting.. but i'm wrong.. but at least is NOT HOT. hehehe.

Fraser Hill
Fraser Hill Landmark!! the Fraser Hill Clock Tower!! proven i'm here.

Fraser Hill
Archery!! Nothing much can do up here.. shoot lor..else go back hotel jor.

Fraser Hill
Archery!!! arrgg.. i can't get the bull eyes. you know why???

Fraser Hill
She dun let me.....-_-

Fraser Hill
Horse Riding is available in fraser hill...my first time ride on horse. is it ar? while i still a child i think i ride before.. can' really remember.. haha

Fraser Hill
Row Row Row your Boat.. oh ya.. don't forget something.. better bring.. you won't know what is going to happen next...

Fraser Hill
Ya.. Umbrella!!! just a while after we started.. heavy rain strike... then.. we having WAR among boat.. end up?? WET LOOK ... pity those who already out of cloth... hahaha

Fraser Hill
here where our accomodation is..SilverPark Resort.. well.. we expect worst than this.. but still better than our expectation.

Fraser Hill
here is our Vegetarian BAK KUT TEH!!! O.O", is our Dinner. not bad the taste.. just.. no meat.. T___T

Fraser Hill
Night time?? to celebrate 2 birthday Star.. hahaha.. what happen is really crazy... we were Mixing our own Cocktails.. using... London Dry Gin, Five Plus Skin ,Wine, Pepsi,Olong Tea, Orange Juice.. and...more..the result is.. Stunning.. both of them K.O.. haha

Fraser Hill
The Road here is 1 Way. yupe you didn't get me wrong.. is One Way!! so check your time before going time.. there time for "GOING UP" and "GOING DOWN".you arrived early? WAIT lor, you're late? same thing. still need to wait.

4 Msg:

shishi said...

DOnny....which part of Malaysia? (Fraser Hill)
near Genting?

BeverLy's Secret said...

I never been there before..
you guys have so much fun...

Flores Online said...

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Ozy said...

Vegetarian Bah Kut Teh? That doesn't make sense, that's why it's called "Bah Kut"

Oh well, but you don't really know what you are eating these days.


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