SkyTrex Adventure

I'm Back..!!!!! haha. become Inative blogger for quite some time jor. haha. ok.. where i went? i wanna post about SKYTREX ADVENTURE . fly to sky? haha no way!

Climb tree..first.. must remember to gear up yourself. oh.. this is the MAP of the adventure. i gonna climb, swing, walk, jump from tree to tree.

there is few level.. i didn't remember i saw a Difficult level. maybe still under construction. since is difficult..

Ready ? Action! hahaha... it's soo soo soo unstable.... grab tight.. trust me. you don't wanna look down.. 17 feet high....

you need to cross from 1 tree to another. and there si 20+ tree for you to cross. and most of the method of crossing is different.. you will be surprised! hehehe

Flying Fox!! weeeeeee~~~ Swing~~~~~ cowabunga!!!~~

some route is just easy.. walk ~~

some route is not..help! help!! i'm falling! i'm falling!!! i lost my balance!!. aha don't pretend lar. you CAN'T fall. hahhaa
what happen if middle of the adventure , you want to Chicken out? no problem. there is a SPEICAL Exit call "CHICKEN EXIT" for chicken to go out.. hahaha..

The Adventure Map! count count is it 20 station to go.

Fuh~ after the Monkey Game. we went to Four Season house again. hahaha. and.. now is SPRING...

more SPRING scence in Four season House.. okay.. now left Summer haven't go. hehehe. will i pay money to Exprience Summy??? hahhahaa

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