Painter Pants.. i want that !!!

Last month April 20th.. i forgotten why i went to pavillion.. and i saw something interesting.. nothing much actually. is just artist..Photobucket
colourfull material. guess what he done with it?


a fine piece of art.. i like it..


Look at THAT!!!! hahaha. i like his PANTS!! very YENG! hahaha.


erm.. another fine piece of art.. but.. what he trying to tell??


he's drawing tree of hearts on the spot.. if not misstaken.. he didn't use paint brush.. he use something else.


Heart. Cloud, Love, Tree. Romance.. that all i can see from his arts.... and the end.. i dunno who this guy is.. anyone can tell me??

found these pic inside my phone, so i decided to post it here. hehehe

remind me a joke..about a teacher asking her student about their ambition.

Teacher :"what you like to do and what you want to be in the future?"
Student :"i like to DRAWING, when i grown up, i want to be a DRAWER!"
Teachr :"tglung~~"(fall on ground)

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Eng said...

yo!!! man, the paintings looked so cool

hey, still active in the MIND? I haven't been attending for months... totally lost touch

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