[ BALI ] Bali~Bali~ Here i COME!!

Time to Travel somewhere. where to go ? someone say Bali.. and then.. we're on our way to BALI. be a Millionaire at Bali. haha spending Ruppia.

A : "How much u cash you bring along with you to Bali?"
B : "TWO MILLIONS...........ruppia"
A : "........."

headache when counting the Zero behind..

View from the window.. yeah~ that's the island of Bali.. here i come~

the Gate to the Bali Island. Through the gate. you're in bali. before that.. ah hem!! take out passport 1st la. we're still inside airport.


then.. ANN Ching(our organizer) find out driver and bring us back to hotel. time is ticking.. we still got place to visit on our 1st day . hehehe.. she won't kill me becasue of posting this photo? haha won't ge hor.. i think won't la. will ma? hahaha

Everyone OnBoard!!! To our First Destination~ everyone damn excited. how many of them didn't sleep last night?

Location : Bali
Accomodation : Green Garden
Website : Greenbali.com

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biau83 said...

don~~~ finally~~ :D
haahah, your Bali Trip~~

fast fast~~ so excited ^^

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