A for Alpha, B for Buy, C for Cash ,D for DON

A for Alpha
B for Buy
C for Cash
D for Don'z

Question : Guess what i did...

Answer : Don'z just brought a new toy......

i brought back an orange box..

and also a bag ...

here is my new toy, a dSLR! sony alpha 300. it's ready to action.

My new Sony Alpha 300X, bought the twins lens package.come with 18-70mm and 55-200mm in the box. hehehe.

Details :
- Sony Alpha300 Details

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2 Msg:

Darthbaboon said...

Grats on new toy!! Now all you have to do is find a group of photokaki to go out and take photographs with!

Don'z said...

hahaha, thanks :P, baboon when want go take photo together?

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