Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008

Last Year almost the same time.. i went for MIFC 2007. and here they are, they back in 2008. hehehe, of course i grab my new gear and try to frame it up :P

Let's Start with CHINA Team Fire Work. erm... everything goes FLat.. no surprize.. but still better than KLCC or Sungei Wang countdown those firework (my oppinion)

some random shoot before the firework begins.. to capture good firework picture. tripod is a must.. so... no matter DC or dSLR.. now they with legS

Remember anime call "Macross"? this firework look like massive explossion always appear in the anime :p


the bright pinky explossion..

that's all for China Firework performance..

My Second visit to putrajaya.. is for Canada Firework!! today their show really is ??.. yeah "?"?.. "SMOKE flower" (damn lots of SMOKE -_-"")

i'm... lost.... am i? i didn't see putrajaya yet..stop by a side... call friend and said..."how to go putrajaya ar???"

Yeah~! i'm there!! let's begins with CANADA firework. there is no wind, no rain.. so there is Smoke around..

Red Green Explossion!

Purple Rain explossion.. (hahah cincai name it, no chice lo. dunno wat to put in caption liao )

Glowing Coconuts Tree. with red coconuts.

Canada Firework are Colourfull, but.. Smoke... drag it back... too bad..

And then.. my previous visit to putrajaya (went there so many time..) is for SPAIN firework.. Spain firework is the coolest ever (OF COURSE LA! RAINING MA!)

Before spain start.. my itchy hand frame the putrajaya lake this time..

The Blue Climbing Explossion!

Canada got "SMOKE", and Spain got "FLOWER"... together.. they give u

Rainbow coconuts?

Cold Cold Colour Firework.. see i told u Spain were Cold..

Spain Perform very well, thanks to rain maybe? to make their firework clear.

Official Website : MIFC web
Location : PICC


SONY Alpha 9th Seminar

Month ago, i bought a toy, and today, i go attend.. how to play with a toy. yeah~ i went to Sony Alpha Seminar located at KL Sentral leMERIDIAN.

Alpha Survivor~ Tag that show's i'm 1 of the 100 alpha survivor!! hehehe

George Wong. the Organizer of this Seminar. after his opening speach, we off to buffet lunch. :D ~

Fruit'sss .. watermelon!~ melon melon~ sponcer by Sony~

Here goes the buffet.grab all you can. fill your stomach before the talk start.
it's Lunch TIME!!

New friend, New Alphagrapher. i meet some new friends in the Seminar. and the similarity between us? we're Alphagrapher!

Ted Anan, explaining how to take Potrait Shoot and Lightning. man.. i love his way making fake DOF using unwanted filter. hahaha. how?? take ur filter near near, place ur finger on the filter, open ur mouth and say "HA~~~", faster snap before the fog went off. brilliant!!! how he got the idea?

what the picture tell??? easy.. "Don Love Alpha" simple rite?

and.. i'm paying nothing to go there, i grab everything before i go back. see what i grab home that day. now i got even MORE alpha gear'S.

it's Alpha Survivor Kit's by SONY Alpha. it's give to Alpha User FOR FREE!!! what's alpha slogan again ? "Like.No.Other"..Alpha ROX.

and i meet few Alpha Blogger on that day. guess who i meet?
Hung Wei, Ee Win , SmashPop

the 100 Survivor of Sony Alpha Seminar. (some of them left earlier i guess)

Location :leMERIDIAN
Website : amc.com.my , alphanatics.com
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