SONY Alpha 9th Seminar

Month ago, i bought a toy, and today, i go attend.. how to play with a toy. yeah~ i went to Sony Alpha Seminar located at KL Sentral leMERIDIAN.

Alpha Survivor~ Tag that show's i'm 1 of the 100 alpha survivor!! hehehe

George Wong. the Organizer of this Seminar. after his opening speach, we off to buffet lunch. :D ~

Fruit'sss .. watermelon!~ melon melon~ sponcer by Sony~

Here goes the buffet.grab all you can. fill your stomach before the talk start.
it's Lunch TIME!!

New friend, New Alphagrapher. i meet some new friends in the Seminar. and the similarity between us? we're Alphagrapher!

Ted Anan, explaining how to take Potrait Shoot and Lightning. man.. i love his way making fake DOF using unwanted filter. hahaha. how?? take ur filter near near, place ur finger on the filter, open ur mouth and say "HA~~~", faster snap before the fog went off. brilliant!!! how he got the idea?

what the picture tell??? easy.. "Don Love Alpha" simple rite?

and.. i'm paying nothing to go there, i grab everything before i go back. see what i grab home that day. now i got even MORE alpha gear'S.

it's Alpha Survivor Kit's by SONY Alpha. it's give to Alpha User FOR FREE!!! what's alpha slogan again ? "Like.No.Other"..Alpha ROX.

and i meet few Alpha Blogger on that day. guess who i meet?
Hung Wei, Ee Win , SmashPop

the 100 Survivor of Sony Alpha Seminar. (some of them left earlier i guess)

Location :leMERIDIAN
Website : ,

4 Msg:

"秋"天的"诗" said...

wah~~ nice,
can get a lots of gift.
so after attend that seminar,
know how to use it alreday?
next time i become model, ok?
must take nice nice 1 o~~

Don'z said...

hahaha, okok
no guarantee 1 wor. hahaha
still rookie here. when you going to get 1? hahaha

biau83 said...


when they have another free session...

then consider


Don'z said...

hahaha, everymonth they will have a free session. seminar. is it every month also got freebie? haha. dunno. :p

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