UNACTIVATED charges from UOB Bank

I'm pissed by UOB Bank. what are they thinking? i received a credit card statement few days ago..and a funny things to hear about UNACTIVATED Charges... it seem like UOB trying to ROB ppl.


The story begins....
few days back.. i received a credit card statement, okay. then i open it and i saw the total balance... RM456.. wah.. jialat lor... still got maybank and citibank geh need to clear...........
wait... i only got Citibank and Maybank Credit Card what? what bank geh card is it?
then i found it is UOB? aiks?? UOB? aer you kidding me? since when i owned a UOB Credit Card? and since when i USED UOB Credit Card? something wrongs here!

so i recall my memory.. oh ya... few month's back(many many month) i did applied... but i didn't activate the card also. how come they collect annual fees from me? and what the heck billed up to RM456? so i call to their call center and ask...

UOB : "what can i help you?"
DON: "i received a credit card statement, may i know where ther RM456 come from?"
UOB : "may i know your card number sir?"
DON : "erm.. i don't know.. where does it written on?"
UOB : "On your Card sir, the 16 numbers on your card"
DON : "i don't have a UOB Credit Card."
UOB : "... i tough you calling to ask for credit card statement?"
DON: "yah, that's My point, i don't have UOB Credit Card, but i received a credit card bill, i need explaination on this"
UOB : "can i have you IC number sir?"
DON: "*IC number given"
UOB: "Did you applied our UOB Credit Card before?"
DON :"(thinking) erm.. yeah.. i remember i did, but i never activated it, how can i received a statement collecting annual fees? don't tell me the card annual fees is RM456?"
UOB :"Let me Check for you sir"

(a while later)

UOB: "Thanks for waiting, regarding to your statement, RM456 is sum of Annual Fees and UNACTIVATED charges"
DON : "sorry?? UN-ACTIVATED charges???"
UOB : "yes Sir, you're right"
DON : "what right do you have to charge me that? i didn't activate your card because i don't want to use it, and now you charging me for didn't Activate the card?"
UOB : "....."
DON : "few months back i being FORCED to apply your bank credit card, and now i being FORCED to pay annual fees and UN ACTIVATED charges."
UOB : "Sir, you have to cancel your credit card if you don't want to use them"
DON : "but i don't event have it!!! i even not activate it yet, what happen if you client never receive your credit card, then you straigh away you send them a credit card statement?"
UOB : "...."
DON : " i though activate the card mean a CONFIRMATION received the card and DECIDED to use it, but now you do it the others way?"
UOB : "Sorry Sir, but that's the procedure... card cancellation is a must to permanently cancel it"
DON : "Okay, fine, please cancel the card for me now."
UOB : "Sorry sir, can't be done."
DON : "what?!?"
UOB : "you must write a letter and fax to our credit card department"
DON : "...... do you accept e mail?"
UOB : "No Sir, they only accept Fax. and our fax number is (fax number given)"
DON: "..... okay..."
UOB : "and the bill will be reverse once the credit card been cancelled"
DON :"(you think i going to pay for that?). oh that's good. how i know my card being cancelled?"
UOB : "you will be received a statement regarding balance reverse from credit card department"
DON: "okay.."
UOB: "anything i can help you sir?"
DON: "no more, thanks and bye"

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Eng said...

at least you didn't have to pay them in the end... which is good news

Anonymous said...

Should scold them 99

Anonymous said...

This sux... do you still need to pay that rm456?

Anonymous said...

How come you know all the conversations eh? anyway, screw them off....don't pay them until they give u the confirmation liao XD

Unknown said...

wow... what a stupiak UOB...

OnnYee.安怡 said...

omg! how could it happened?? by the end,u still need to pay for it?

Don'z said...

Eng: yeah.. no need to pay.. but still need to write traditional letter to terminate it...

Foong : he kena already. haha

enghong : write the traditional cancellation letter then can waved. cannot E MAIL...

MisSa : just raftly recall only, connversation is something like that.

CK : UOB....

OnnYee: i no need to pay for it, just need to write in letter to cancel it...

Anonymous said...

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