DCIM 2009 at MidValley

Alex were conduction the seminar. nice seminar about Lights and Shadow.. i remember the phase he sayd. "The Church where shadow married light called Shadow Edge".

see how interesting the seminar is? Full house. att.. i have no place to seat too. interesting. funny too.

there is a model shooting there too. with at least 4 Flash setup.. i remember i get scold there coz i messed their flash setting. how? my camera do Multiple flashes before it actually flash.. so.. their flash setup gone hairwired. hhaha. not my fault wat!!!

anyone can tell what camera is this?? is from FujiFilm.. give your best shot!

tada!! is Albert D.I.Y camera....
a 2 Mega Pixel ,
M42 Interchange Lens,
Video Recording,
Live View.
summore is Infrared Camera.. ... from a OLD Fujifilm Digicam.
hmph... more featured than Panasonic G1 wor. hahaha

there's 2 photo that pulled my attention in this event. and also 2 Camera that i keep looking at.
that's albert Cari Makan tool? dual flash A900.

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