KanasaiGroup Redang Island Trip

I see Beach in your Eyes.. yeah!!!! Is Island Weekend.. is REDANG!!!!!!

The House Of More More Tea Inn. a building used to film a movie "More More Tea" by Richie Ren and Sammy. and We Were There. bah.. it turned into a solvenir shop nowdays.

we are AH NIU, RICHIE REN, and MICHAEL WONG who appear in "Summer Momo Tea" the movie.

Oh Hooooooo.. this is what i'm talking about!!!!! White Sand, Blue Sky, Clear Sea!!! i'm LOOKING for NEMO!!!!

John, Me, and Carole group shot while walking along the long beach. the 3 sampative member. hahaha.

The Kanasai Group enjoying the sun bath and beach wind...blow the stress away.. remember to wake up oh... else u will become Dark Skin Bangla.good luck

we so excited and get chaiyike the kepala of kanasai group burried in the Sand. muhahaha. thanks for the bikini gal who help us take this photo. muaahhahaa.

and then... i can't escape from the destiny too...for being burried in beach sand T_T

When Night fall. when moon dissapear. StarField show up. and how many years i didn't see this kind of scenry? won't see such a sky in KL city.. Click Here for Better Photo in Flickr

A Group Shot Before we leaving Redang Island. gonna miss redang again..


some more Scenery i taken back in redang.. i saw a SAND CAKE. i start to miss the white beach sand already.

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bboyrice said...

i'm one of your blog's frequent reader and i just found out...
we were at redang at the same exact day..
proof is notice the third picture where there's another three guy posing beside you all...
the guy with the hat is me... XD

if you don mind.. can i have that picture? i'll definitely credit you as well.. =)

cheers and happy bloggin...


DonDon said...

that's really coincident. hahahaha. thanks for the support anyway yeah.
u want the bigger size? or this is just well enough?

biau83 said...

wao... the world so small~~ hahah

walao~~ go redang ahhh

ermm... chai yike they all know calore??

"秋"天的"诗" said...

that 3 guys really "抢镜头“


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