CariModel Portrait shooting at LakeGarden

Last Sunday,Initially i'm going to revisit SKYTREX at taman pertanian, but then... suddenly.. i FFK them all(hope won't angry ya..). why? coz someone send me a link. something BIG happening in Lake Garden..

And i managed to register as the last 2nd photograhper there. phiew..... almost missed it. yeah. Out Door Model Shooting event held by Chinese.Cari.Com.My Forum.

Ester . our 1st model during the shooting. 1 group there will be 14~15 person. 10 photogapher and 5 model. ok.. some of the model is the Forum Member. yeah.. anyone can be model.

Amelia, 2nd Model i shoot. a very cute YOUNG girl. made me feel old T_T.

Jazz, the 3rd Model we shoot. actually there 1 one more model. but.. due to time issue... we missed the chance to photograph her .

ready??? get set... SNAP!!! chak!! chak!! chak!!. Flash Bomb everywhere. becarefull. you'll be blind by flash light if you accidently look into the FLASH.

There is the Event. 100 Photographer. 50 Model. from Cari Forum.

and this is Group 4 Member. meet the photographer and model. hope to have some photographing session like this again in the near future, great event!!

End Core!

3 Msg:

fattien said...

so crowded!! then background should be not nice lor coz ppl everywhere..lolz

clive said...

wuah so many many!

Don'z said...

erm.. yeah.. lot's of people.. that area is kinda big too.. so.. won't be so many ppl.

yeah! lot's of ORANG!KAMERA! hehehe

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