Don'z is Back from Poison Fair,KLPF

Nah.. not really a poison fair.. is actually Kuala lumpur Photography(POISON) Fair. it's been a YEAR + since i owened my very first dSLR. and this is 2nd time i went to KLPF.

yeah...PhotoGraphy Fair or Poison Fair? you decide.

What can you see there? People'S lot's Of Peoples with camera's.

also... lot's of PRETTY LADIES.. of the reason why soooo pack inside the fair.. a reason why jammed inside..

BAZOOKA!!!! this what i used to called. haha. use this to frame a model walking on far far away stage. great stuff.. but gonna cost you a lot.

wualah! this what is called POISON.. if you found it nice... they'll TAKE YOUR MONEY AWAY!

the Leica M8 series... normal version.... RM18k, limited safari and white edition? RM35k.. gosh...*rubbing my eyes..*

the very rare LEICA 50mm F1.0... which cost about..... RM50k +-.... really insance...RM50k for Glass...would you?

and of course... nice nice photo's shown here too.. just like photo gallary.

some of these picture are reallly nice!!! . hope my photo will show there one day. hehe

my friend brought her leica camera to the fair.. and ALEX was playing around with it... well.. it still LEICA! you know.. same family with M8. hehe
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