Biau Registerd ChiewSheh as Wife!

As the title mentioned. 09.09.09.
Ah Biau went to Thean Hou Temple
Ah Biau Registering Chiew Sheh as Wife.
i Bet is Ah Biau geh Happiest Day in his life.

here i am at the Thean Hou temple.. gosh.. the number of ppl come for wedding registering today.. is unbelieable... according to them.. there are 500++ pairs registering that day.

just a while after i saw them... i being BOMB liao. hahahha. here is the proved and the happy face of biu behind..

Okay.. is time to get ready.. is time to go inside the temple.. ops.. wait... only 5 people allowed? let's count.. biau,chiewsheh, biau dad, biau mom, me, chye, waichee and kok seng... alamak.. not enough la! dun care! sneak IN!

woooooaaaaahhhhh.. i can't believe my eyes. all of them.. wanted to become husband and wife TODAY!! look at the number of them...gosh...

see who i found!! Papa Biau, and Mama Biau!! say hello

Family Yee now have a new member. ohh.. let's welcome Biu Sou. XD

Most exciting Moment. sign sign sign!! guess what i heard from them..

Biau :"I signed Chinese or signed english jor ar on the paper b4"
ChiewSheh :"I forgot jor wor.must be same ar?"
Biau :"Must same with the signature we signed on the form b4 wor"(dunno which form they talking about).
ChiewSheh :"Then how ar?"
Biau :"can take back the form and see what we signed before ma?"
ChiewSheh :"won't after today, we received a letter and said that our registeration today not valid gehor?"
Biau :(^_^|||)

long time no see, this biau still that funny. hahaha

Yeah.. they done, they are husband and wife now.

See the just promoted Husband and Wife so sweet there. eheheheh. Congratulation lar my Best Buddy :). wei! come back Malaysia lar!

hehehe. i steal a photo from the ChiewSheh Blog. coz she have the only group photo that i'm in the pic. hehehe

3 Msg:

"秋"天的"诗" said...


thank you Donny~
become our cameraman.


"秋"天的"诗" said...

forgot to something....

he will back to malaysia next year..


biau83 said...

don, previously we have submitted a form to register for 090909 registration. And both of us have to sign there...

that day i heard the officer said the signature have to same with the registration form... ~_~ we totally dono what name we sign that day ler...just simply sign that day...

hahaha, but luckily that day when sign they got show us that day the form... lucky!! ^D^

yes, next yr come back loh... we can go lepak together soon kakakaka

ps: is 560 pair of couple register tat day

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