Disappointment on Windows Phone Launch....

Few days back. i heard about that DAMN TEMPTING promotion.. which offer insance 65% of the retail price of a Smart phone.. u just need to pay RM5XX for HTC Touch 2. HTC is a hot cake that day.. i decided to grab 1 for myself tooo..

so me and my friend went there early... i notice no others car in the carpark. i think i'm a bit early....?

erm... ok.. think again... nearly 8am.. and... i saw the QUEUE is damn long! i pray.....doesn't look good ...

ok.. i start counting... 1.2...3...4.5.6..7..8.9...10..SHIT!!..11..12..13...14...15.. HolySHIT!! run toward the end of the queue...

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then... a 3AM guy told me... he can't make it.. another 1AM guy said he unable to make it too,.. gosh.. since what time they start CAMP here? 1AM guy told me they started the Camp queue since 10PM.. aiks.. my colleage told me on friday 7am he managed to get 1st at the queue.. ok.. is friday..

i look at the guy who at the 1st of the queue and dreaming sweetly there. a question appear in my mind.... "since when?"

Express myself? hmmph.. ok I DID!!! on my BLOG!!!

Then i received a call from my friend who accompany me for this.. she said she wanna be the crazy feller and wanted to camp there. ok.. i wished her good luck... around 10pm.. i received a call from her.."they crazy gar!! how come got so crazy geh ppl?" then she told me... for last batch of the 65 unit.. they start the queue at 7PM.... and around 830pm.. they know...are they qualified for the 65 unit...

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William K said...

How much thus this phone cost on normal day? Wondering since when Malaysian become so 'kiasu' like our neighbour country as well.

clive said...

hahah see the guys sleeping there XD

Don'z said...

William K,
that day is first launch of the phone too. i asked around and they told me not available yet.. around 1.6k~1.8k i guess..

yeah.. dreaming with his HTC phone.

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