Enelooped F58!

Yeah!! got my self another add on for my toy.!

What i bought? Black and WHite. 1 Black 4 White. 1 Black Cobra(F58) and 4 white Energy Source (Eneloop rechargable Battery).

this is how my dSLR look like when attached with a F58.. ok.. now it's bigger.. heavier..

why i choose the why battery ?? this explained why.. it discharge slowly.kinda hard to get the stock... wonder why so hard to get this battery in malaysia..

4 Msg:

Night Face said...

wow, your flash look good, how much you bought it?

And that enelooped F58, where did you get it?

Don'z said...

Thanks :). bought it for Rm1120. eneloop set?? i got it from mid valley Best Denki. :). Rare species...

albert said...

Nice lens cap LOL!

Don'z said...

hahaha, ops.. u noticed..

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