Got an IPhone 3GS from SantaClaus and more...

Merry Christmas~~ Ho~Ho~Ho~.

I think Santa Passby this year, why ar?? hmph.. i got myself a GIFT on Christmas.. from who?? heheh From MAXIS!! yeah.. my iphone were collected on Chiristmas that day! yay.

Tada~~~~ my Iphone~~~~3GS 32GB. yay~. kena bond for 2 years.. haih..... T_T

Why suddenly get an iphone? my Sony Ericsson W900... certified KO months ago...
Oh ya.. the box beside my iPhone contained
- a unknow model samsung phone, borrow from mouse, during my phone KOed
- my spoiled Sony Ericsson w900,
- and a Middle East Nokia 6220 found in pavilion(someone left it behind.).

My Christmas Gift 2009, Apple Iphone 3GS,Sony Ericsson w900 which served me for 4 can now Rest In Peace.

oh... did i mentioned MORE? hehehe. last and not least, a good news.. For me. i'm no longer celebrating Lonenly Christmas XD. here is the reason why. hehehe. found myself a lover . sweet sweet ing.

Best Christmas Ever . :)

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Valen Lim said...

Congratulation! Not for your Iphone :P It's for your gf!

tlwong said...

uhhhhhhhhh at last show of the special one

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