Sekinchan Fisherman Village.Got Fish?

After Paddy Field. we heading to next destination.. fisherman territory.

Yeap.. here we are in the Fisherman Village of sekinchan.

some of the photo of the fisherman village.

Boat boat boat... this boat is checking out and called it a day.. guess their boat is fully loaded.

peaceful village.. don't you think so?

River-line,the fisherman stay in between of blue sky and brown river.

Boat Boat Boat is all you can see here. wondering will they kena sommon by simply parking ? since they got Plate number also.

Here is where fisherman unload their "Catch of the Day".

guess what will going to place inside this box?

Sun Drying Prawn, it gonna shrink the size of the prawn to very tiny..

ok.. is time to grab our lunch.. there is a ON River seafood restaurant. they said the fish are fresh from fisherman boat? that cool, there is a loading bay in their kitchen...

this is the view i got when i looking out from the On-River SeaFood Restaurant.

here some yummy seafood, and their Signature meal too. lazy to explain. sorry ya. why?

cause by the time i finished explain.. i believe they finished it also.. ok.. that all for Sekinchan trip. :)


Don'z Discovered the Land of Paddy,SEKINCHAN!

2012 coming? need to STOCK-IN rice?? let go do a RICE-HUNT. hehehe. and here i am at the Land Of Rice.. opss.. to be exact.. is the green paddy field... not ready to be rice yet.

Here are the green green rice.. nope. paddy field.. nope...paddy sea~, can u see the paddy skyline?

ah Sze? why you're there?.. i tot you're in your driving seat? who's driving???

Green Green house by the paddy field, i believe they no need to starving at all, foods are all around them...(but have to wait till all of them become Rice la ) ;p

Man at work. checking on their paddy. he just stop working once saw we taking picture of him.. a shy farmer.

i found some ducks nearby.. hmph... seeking for lake to swim? no more loo... become paddy field jo

look at the green field behind her... soon it will become RICE land.

and we found a resident of the peaceful land.surrounded by green paddy.

Ah Sze with his ride.. here at the Sekinchan Paddy Field.

SEKINCHAN!! that the name for paddy field land. wondering will i come back for GOLDEN Paddy field to steal some rice back? wondering when would that be?


Boh Ada UMPH! lets go Cameron Highland.

Once Again, here is the land of green.

Balcony of the BOH tea café,a great place to enjoy your TEA.

Spectacular view from the tea café balcony, also kinda tough to get a seat here. usually or should i say.. most of the time is fully occupied.

This is the Spectacular view from there, DON at the BOH Tea Cafe.

another side of the tea cafe balcony facing the greenland of Boh.

Here is the 3 Couples. Carole and her bf, Alex and Ashley, Donny and Shin Lee, we go up cameron pak toh :P

ok.. enough for photography and cam-ho, let relax and enjoy our tea, also the scenery :)

That night, we DID a Steamboat Session, like what we did previous Cameron Highland Trip.

The Next morning, we wake up at 5am... purpose wake up so early? Sun Rise photography.. but....

haih... weather is not as good as we expects. is a Cloudy days... why....i got myself a reason to come cameron agian.

some others cameron highland photo.. during the bad sunrise day.

the Cameron Highland Famous vehicles.. no idea why this vehicles is all around... hmph... and some others photo taken from cameron highland.

Apiit DF0421 Reunion @ Bavarian Bierhaus

Chai Yike decided to host the DF0421 College Reunion in Bavarian Bierhaus The Curve.

Bavarian Bierhaus, a Germany Restaurant that i always wanted to go. heard of their PORK KNUCKLES for soooo longs, ya, got chance to have a bite now. yummy

er... Ah biau.... Beer not drink like that gelor......

CHeers!!! Apiit DF0421 Reunion~SUCCESS!

Their Beer here nice too.cheers!! hoegarden!

Yummy~ everyone is busy eating.. yumyumyum

and here's a Reunion Group Photos.

some familar face. and the Chairman seem quite happy today,

ok.. this peoples are M.I.A(Missing In Action) for soo long, and finally show up again.

The Damaged we done.. well-done.

Sony Expo 2010, 3D Entertainment Park

There is a Fair happening in Mid Valley, and is SONY FAIR!,

ok lar is SONY Expo 2010, 3D entertainment Park, obviously.. they PUSHING 3D technologies into their products. let see what SONY Have.

Cybershoot Digicam section,Sony Bravia Plasma TV section.

But this room pull my attention, Photo gallery, all selected picture were shown in this gallery.

walls of pictures, and spotted some of these picture taken by my friend so coool~

Let's go further inside.. wow.. my fav parts. ALPHA CORNER,hoping to see something special here.

This time , alpha photography shows the complete Lens sereis, why do i say so? cause the only lenses that i never see, is here.

ah HA! the Sony SAL300mm f2.8G make its appearance. never see ANY SHOP or ANY SONY CENTER have this lens. which cost around RM24,999.00 from their SonyStyle Website

Surprize me when i saw this... never thought alpha 550 were made from Recycle Material. no wonder they feel a little bit (maybe not) plastic.. now i know why... it made from... CDs.....

i did thinking to hang my photos on my wall with lots of photo-frame... but not with SONY S-Frame... this look awesome.. but very costly...

we queue for some event behind the stage. guess what is it?? only showing every 20 mins. yeah.. as the title said lo.. Sony 3D Cinematic. stunning 3D movie clips were shown... erm.. i personally think IMAX3D is more Stunning that this, too bad malaysia IMAX3D Zhap Lap(Bankrupt) jor.. haih..

there you go.. the SONY 3D expo, and once we come out from the DARK ROOM, they trying to promote their Bravia with 3D supported home system. Gaming and... what impressive is they going to broadcast Word Cup in 3D! cool huh? too bad,.. i'm not a FOOTBALL fans...

Bravia, Cybershot, Blue Ray,Walkman, all Products under SONY.

Picture from the gallery that i likes.

wondering will they integrats 3D features in the future SONY ALPHA System? hmph...
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