Apiit DF0421 Reunion @ Bavarian Bierhaus

Chai Yike decided to host the DF0421 College Reunion in Bavarian Bierhaus The Curve.

Bavarian Bierhaus, a Germany Restaurant that i always wanted to go. heard of their PORK KNUCKLES for soooo longs, ya, got chance to have a bite now. yummy

er... Ah biau.... Beer not drink like that gelor......

CHeers!!! Apiit DF0421 Reunion~SUCCESS!

Their Beer here nice too.cheers!! hoegarden!

Yummy~ everyone is busy eating.. yumyumyum

and here's a Reunion Group Photos.

some familar face. and the Chairman seem quite happy today,

ok.. this peoples are M.I.A(Missing In Action) for soo long, and finally show up again.

The Damaged we done.. well-done.

2 Msg:

MingKAI said...

hows the UWA performance boss? i saw some distortion..pls poison haha

uLi.佑莉 said...

I love Hoagarden ^^

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