Boh Ada UMPH! lets go Cameron Highland.

Once Again, here is the land of green.

Balcony of the BOH tea café,a great place to enjoy your TEA.

Spectacular view from the tea café balcony, also kinda tough to get a seat here. usually or should i say.. most of the time is fully occupied.

This is the Spectacular view from there, DON at the BOH Tea Cafe.

another side of the tea cafe balcony facing the greenland of Boh.

Here is the 3 Couples. Carole and her bf, Alex and Ashley, Donny and Shin Lee, we go up cameron pak toh :P

ok.. enough for photography and cam-ho, let relax and enjoy our tea, also the scenery :)

That night, we DID a Steamboat Session, like what we did previous Cameron Highland Trip.

The Next morning, we wake up at 5am... purpose wake up so early? Sun Rise photography.. but....

haih... weather is not as good as we expects. is a Cloudy days... why....i got myself a reason to come cameron agian.

some others cameron highland photo.. during the bad sunrise day.

the Cameron Highland Famous vehicles.. no idea why this vehicles is all around... hmph... and some others photo taken from cameron highland.
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