Sekinchan Fisherman Village.Got Fish?

After Paddy Field. we heading to next destination.. fisherman territory.

Yeap.. here we are in the Fisherman Village of sekinchan.

some of the photo of the fisherman village.

Boat boat boat... this boat is checking out and called it a day.. guess their boat is fully loaded.

peaceful village.. don't you think so?

River-line,the fisherman stay in between of blue sky and brown river.

Boat Boat Boat is all you can see here. wondering will they kena sommon by simply parking ? since they got Plate number also.

Here is where fisherman unload their "Catch of the Day".

guess what will going to place inside this box?

Sun Drying Prawn, it gonna shrink the size of the prawn to very tiny..

ok.. is time to grab our lunch.. there is a ON River seafood restaurant. they said the fish are fresh from fisherman boat? that cool, there is a loading bay in their kitchen...

this is the view i got when i looking out from the On-River SeaFood Restaurant.

here some yummy seafood, and their Signature meal too. lazy to explain. sorry ya. why?

cause by the time i finished explain.. i believe they finished it also.. ok.. that all for Sekinchan trip. :)

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