Don'z Discovered the Land of Paddy,SEKINCHAN!

2012 coming? need to STOCK-IN rice?? let go do a RICE-HUNT. hehehe. and here i am at the Land Of Rice.. opss.. to be exact.. is the green paddy field... not ready to be rice yet.

Here are the green green rice.. nope. paddy field.. nope...paddy sea~, can u see the paddy skyline?

ah Sze? why you're there?.. i tot you're in your driving seat? who's driving???

Green Green house by the paddy field, i believe they no need to starving at all, foods are all around them...(but have to wait till all of them become Rice la ) ;p

Man at work. checking on their paddy. he just stop working once saw we taking picture of him.. a shy farmer.

i found some ducks nearby.. hmph... seeking for lake to swim? no more loo... become paddy field jo

look at the green field behind her... soon it will become RICE land.

and we found a resident of the peaceful land.surrounded by green paddy.

Ah Sze with his ride.. here at the Sekinchan Paddy Field.

SEKINCHAN!! that the name for paddy field land. wondering will i come back for GOLDEN Paddy field to steal some rice back? wondering when would that be?

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