Merdeka Crab Island Hunting Trip.

Merdeka!!! it's Aug 31st. and we went to a island nearby. the CRAB ISALND. knew about this island since years ago. but never been there once. and today is my 1st time lay my footprints at Pulau Ketam. let's hunt some crab home :p

The Crap Hunters. to the Craps.. no no Crab Island. Pulau Ketam.

here's the jetty where the journey of Crab Island Begins. let hunt some CRAP. ops.. CRAB!

were trying to purchase ticket at the counter, notice that someone approach and offer you the ticket to Pulau Ketam. those ticket are more expensive compare to the ticket you purchased form the counter. so be aware.. and there is the transport to pulau ketam. left is open air, yeah blow sea wind , and right boat is equipped with Air-conditioner

woohoo.. here some picture of the pulau ketam. fisherman villages.

erm... the Maybank in pulau ketam.. hmph...

surprisingly, the household here having very colorful life, why do i say so?? check their house. pink. green, red, yellow.. wow.. let see which house matches colors of your shirts

hohoho.. i found the road to Merdeka. i wonder why they call it Merdeka Road? build on 1957? road to gather and shout "Merdeka!" on August 31st?

more uniques view of Pulau Ketam.. they do like D.I.Y a lot.. see how they build their own WALL FAN? hahaha

I believe some f you must saw Bicycle with engine. but bicycle with Nitros? did you? hahaha. joking lar. i believe this is is Natural Gas Powered Bicycle. NGV(Natural Gas Vehicle) Bicycle?

and there's a special flower i found... great work on mix and match of the flower of wellness. i never see anything like it.

oh hohoho, they sure pray very hard on here. pray for good weather and good journey. again.. i never see anything like that..

Why this place is called as Crab Island? because this place got a lot Crab. see i found plenty of them. erm..no?

ok, or should i say they worship crab a lot? no? but but but... i saw there is a temple of crab there wor.. you see. hehehe. no ?

ok lar.. there is a lot of Crab you can see around there. especially when the water fade.

oh.. and here some of their LOCAL crab. yeah... let fill some inside our stomach and bring them home.

you might see some eagles hunting for food during that time too.

and here is out Crab Hunting Tools used in Pulau Ketam.

Old China, journey To The PAST.

Old China, another restaurant OLD-TOWN wanna-be? nope.. think again.. it's totally different.. it did mean OLD CHINA.

Chinese painting..antique fans. gradpa grandma age decoration and painting.

Classic view.. classic table classic decoration... just like how my grand father will decorate..

i found a old old and blur blur make up desk..

here come ther dishes. portion aren't big. just nice to try each of them.

it's doesn't give you the feel of OLD china from outside. but once u get inside.. WOW... yupe i'm here to celebrate my gf friend birthday :)

StarTrail, MoonRise, LightDrawing. Ghosting

Group of Phtographers deployed their equipment and wait for the STAR. hope able to see STAR..

at east still can see some STAR.. let's Trails it.. hehehe..

hmph.. light pollution kinda serious here. this is what all i can get.. sigh... consider failed...

after a while later..Cloudy Sky with almost perfect Moon, mean might be a stop sign for star trailing.. sob....

Just Finished Moon Shooting.. since our main Plan doesn't work out properly. let's proceed with plan B: Hunt down the moon.

MOON gotcha!!! Plan B: Mission Accomplished.

another moon hunt.. shy moon.

since there is no clear sky with visible STAR, and moon already rised, so we moved to plan C, Light Painting

and Thanks to Munfey Light Stick, we managed to make Colour Painting possible. :)

Thanks to Dereck for taking this pic. i really like it. i guess same goes to SHIN? hehehe

ok... another plan.. Ghosting... see how many Mouse Ghost i captured.

ok... it's Ghosting shoot for myself.. ready!!! Super Combo finishing move. pi pi pak pak (ok.. play too much KOF)

another Light painting .. i create this wordings with my iphones, hehehe it's tought to Swing out a words like this... thanks to Ah See for the perfect constant Swing. :D


Rainbow French Fries...

yummy.. wonder how the fries taste like?

And.. can figure out why fries so colourfull??haha. caused it's ICE FRIES. flavored with YAM,MANGO,STRAWBERRY.. in

I found this funny and Special Rainbow Fries here. in Mil Wheel Ice Cafe. it's all about ICE..


SkyTrex, Here i come again. it's time to take up the EXTREME Trail challenge.

Ready everyone? gear ready? ok. let's take a group photo 1st :p

Go through the briefing again..simple practice..piece of cake? more to come..

First ladder to climb.. feel like ladders are damn tough to climb.. erm.. maybe i gained some weight? sob T_T

wow.. believe of not, this is the first thing you will see. the fire fox you have to fly.. erm.. around eight floor height? feel shaking when look down. gulp ...

after the tough challange... here come easier one...

The secret of crossing this bridge is.. keep telling yourself.. "I'm a Crab" walk like a crab.

this have to becarefull.. else u will spread your leg straight in the mid air..

more more challange

ooooiii oii oooo~~~~Tarzan is coming~ give way

Balancing.. balancing... if not.. spread leg like "one leg horse"(straight) again..

just 1 stainless steel robe... gonna watch where u gonna step.

from tree to tree.

the not-afraid challenger

Resting and In Action.

fuh.. that all.. SkyTrex Extreme? Gao Dim.
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