Ruined Mansion of Bukit Kutu

Cloudy day.. seem like it gonna rain somehow.. but the good news is.. no hot sun today.bad news it.. we might get wet..

Let the Journey Begins

wow.. first Obstacles ? the River Crossing.

the Mud Trail.. seem like lot's of 4x4 using this road recently and turned it into a terrible mud trail..

Now i know why .. the terrible mud trail caused!! the wild durian. damn cheap!!! guess how much all those durian were? if i say around RM30 to RM40, will you believe me? that lead them to here..

we found a Orang Asli Home.... all build by themself... they are the people who sell wild Durian. RM10 for a basket! at least 10 in a basket..

One of the Obstacles. Through the Bamboo Jungle...

very tall bamboos surrounded.. i wonder if there panda hiding around (dreaming)

Part of the trail, this place is very steep surface i can say..

And we saw a very huge rocks... let go up a bit more to check it out.

we reached the C5 stone, a very huge rocks that formed as a natural shelter , great for camping zone and rain shelter. this just a resting point.. still got some walk to do before reach the peak of Kutu.

Okay, here we are! we reached the ruined British administration office. yeah it's ruined completely.. only Old stone chimney still remained standing there.

Nearby the Chimney also flat surface. perfect place to relax and fill our stomach. and regain some loses energy. no fat ya. there is 2 old well found nearby.. and one of them not fully dry out yet.

me , Mag and Alvin at the Old Stone Chimney.

hahaha Alvin said must take a photo with this signboard. else you not consider been to Bukit Kutu. so i DID.

Finally we reached at the peak of Bukit Kutu.

The peak of Bukit Kutu kinda small.. and can't fit everyone up there. so .. better go up one by one.. there is really no room for mistakes up there.

Certificates of Success.. arrgh.. can bring it back.. so i just snap a photo of it.

The ruined mansion found on top of the Bukit Kutu. it's hidden inside of the jungle. i curious how on earth they build a British Mansion on top of Bukit Kutu?

The Ruined British mansion found on top of the Bukit Kutu and the Peak View of the Bukit Kutu

More Ruined Bukit Kutu and the rest spot with the Huge rock at C5.

Path that i went through....
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