SkyTrex, Here i come again. it's time to take up the EXTREME Trail challenge.

Ready everyone? gear ready? ok. let's take a group photo 1st :p

Go through the briefing again..simple practice..piece of cake? more to come..

First ladder to climb.. feel like ladders are damn tough to climb.. erm.. maybe i gained some weight? sob T_T

wow.. believe of not, this is the first thing you will see. the fire fox you have to fly.. erm.. around eight floor height? feel shaking when look down. gulp ...

after the tough challange... here come easier one...

The secret of crossing this bridge is.. keep telling yourself.. "I'm a Crab" walk like a crab.

this have to becarefull.. else u will spread your leg straight in the mid air..

more more challange

ooooiii oii oooo~~~~Tarzan is coming~ give way

Balancing.. balancing... if not.. spread leg like "one leg horse"(straight) again..

just 1 stainless steel robe... gonna watch where u gonna step.

from tree to tree.

the not-afraid challenger

Resting and In Action.

fuh.. that all.. SkyTrex Extreme? Gao Dim.

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uLi.佑莉 said...

I know it was not easy... The most difficult part for me is the ladder climbing.....

Don'z said...

agreed... ladder climbing.. fuh... tougher than i thought.

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