StarTrail, MoonRise, LightDrawing. Ghosting

Group of Phtographers deployed their equipment and wait for the STAR. hope able to see STAR..

at east still can see some STAR.. let's Trails it.. hehehe..

hmph.. light pollution kinda serious here. this is what all i can get.. sigh... consider failed...

after a while later..Cloudy Sky with almost perfect Moon, mean might be a stop sign for star trailing.. sob....

Just Finished Moon Shooting.. since our main Plan doesn't work out properly. let's proceed with plan B: Hunt down the moon.

MOON gotcha!!! Plan B: Mission Accomplished.

another moon hunt.. shy moon.

since there is no clear sky with visible STAR, and moon already rised, so we moved to plan C, Light Painting

and Thanks to Munfey Light Stick, we managed to make Colour Painting possible. :)

Thanks to Dereck for taking this pic. i really like it. i guess same goes to SHIN? hehehe

ok... another plan.. Ghosting... see how many Mouse Ghost i captured.

ok... it's Ghosting shoot for myself.. ready!!! Super Combo finishing move. pi pi pak pak (ok.. play too much KOF)

another Light painting .. i create this wordings with my iphones, hehehe it's tought to Swing out a words like this... thanks to Ah See for the perfect constant Swing. :D

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