8GB MSPD + 8GB SD = 16GB for my dSLR.

Saw someone posted to sell 8GB SD and 8GB MemoryStick Pro HG Duo. i drop her a email and she called up for Cash On Delivery. hooray...

This is what i got from her. a black box labeled with "The Power of Imaging" hmph... i didn't remember sony release something like this.. she told me that she got it as a gift from sony, lucky draw i suppose..

wow.. nicely framed inside transparent glass. damn.. didn't expect it come with such a nice frame. damn.. feel like keeping as a decoration more than use it ...

Happy camera loaded with higher speed Memory Stick and SD card. :D . now i no need to worry about memory card space anymore. hooray~~

2 Msg:

leemun said...

16gb... shiok lo.. lets burn shutter..

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wao! Geng!

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