DF0142 Decennial Anniversary

well.. writing this post really make me feel i'm old.. celebrating 10 Years Anniversary.. of what?? for knowing each others since our first day in APIIT college Kuala Lumpur. i can't believe already 10 years past since i entered my college life. gosh.. time passed fast...

Here's our Anniversary Cake. it's custom designed and specially for tonight.

Here's Bee Yan and Kien Hong.

Obviously Me and Shin Lee. ok ok. i knew i gained some weight.. sob T__T

Pik Hung and Kit jun.

and here's is our Class Rep. Dave, never see him ever since graduation. in here he show face again. around 5 years didn't hear from him.

here is Ann Ching, Pik Hung (again), and Wai Kong.

Here's the Chairman a.k.a decisions maker. Chai Yike, and his Family member. (biggest change in 10 years)

This is Louise Sim and Kok Chiew

That's all the people who come for the celebration. let the dinning begins... or QnA session. you know why.. some rare faces show up, just tones of question to shoot.

Coincidently quite a number of us in RED. so here is the RED Bright Side.

and some of them wore Black or Dark Colour. and this is DARK Side. wait.. i got black on my cloths too.... :p ok..i maybe on BOTH SIDE . kakaka

look like debating.. RED TEAM and the BLACK TEAM. QnA Session!! hahahahaha. asking each others what have we done ever since graduation. bla bla and so on.

here a group photo of everyone.. almost everyone.. see everyone so laugh so happy

Situation Changed once someone entered the photo. LOL..

Okay Okay.. this is the real Group Photos of everyone :)

Ann Ching with the Anniversary Cake. she seem so excited with the cake.

This is the destiny of the Cake. since we having Buffet... it's almost impossible to finished such a huge cake..so.. someone had to bring rest of the cake back, and i believe the someone will have cake phobia very soon XD.

And here some food can found here. Buffet style, i just take some desert photos.:) Teppanyaki Ice Cream is good :)

And here is the place Eccucino inside Price Hotel KL , here is where we celebrate our APIIT DF0142 Decennial Anniversary. there's goes 10 years..

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William K said...

not bad at least still manage to had gathering with your ex-coursemate. But why i didn't get the invitation, ain't i'm from DF0142 as well.

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