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after few days staying in nice hotel, and today gonna spend a night in backpacker hotel.

the driver bought us here. and here is the place according to the address.. glups.. seriously? look spooky..

and there is no receptionist or anyone to answer the door for us.. could it be.. too late?

but inside is kinda neat, cleaner than what we though.. well.. just a night of sleep. is nvm.

in this place. u just got a room with bed, bathroom and everything else is shared. some time u require to queue for it if is occupied.

i'm not really sure if we can use this facilities, could it belongs to owners only? hmph...

washing machine, water dispenser, microwave everything is there. meant to be shared.

yupe.. you brush your teeth here in public.

and you took your bath here. and again.. it's public.

okay.. is the brand new days. time to move out to continue our Taiwan exploration trip.

and this is the main entrance of it. i really can't recall the name of this backpacker hotel. will update once i recall it. :)

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