[ Taiwan ] Dine in Carton King - 纸箱王晚餐

Dinner time.. and we're stop at another branchs of Carton King. this time in Cing Jing.

can spot a cardboard made train outside the shop.

outside the restaurant, too bad it's raining.. let go inside..

again.. we see those weird design cabinet.

hoho, this is there is a cow indoor!

and shin lee spot the little sheep, hdden at the corner.

okok, we're starving, let order something to fill it up.

there is a twin tower just right in front of us. let check their menu and order something.

our drinks come first. and t served in boxes.. hmph.

at a while later, our main course is arrived, i like their disposable foot container. it's unique.

we stay up until almost end of their business hour. so, the restaurant almost clear. and good for me to snap few more shot before leaving.

the long table of cardboard.hmph.. chair table. all cardboard. i wonder what is the weight limit for this.

another view of the restaurant. full with yellowish cardboard colour.

and there is a big trees of  colorfulness light ball middle of the restaurant. cool huh. cardboard made.

a last cheers to bottom up our drinks before leaving.

oh... did i forgot to mention.. the card box drinks can be carried away easily. here ours. Tapao away :p

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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prettybha said...

hi can u tell me if there is a carton king restaurant in taipei and if yes pls share the address.

Donny Tam said...


i remember i see one in taipei, sorry i don't have the actual address. but maybe this is what you looking for?

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