[ Taiwan ] Europe Villa 清境歐風小鎮民宿

After the left Puli Brewery, we headed all the way up to ??. checking into hotel. guess what, i'm very surprised and amazed when i saw it.

Does this look like a hotel to you? it look like a very nice Europe style bungalow to me. faster faster, let go inside.

The reception table. totally a nice working table.

further in, here's the dining table, or should i say reading table? jaw dropping while i'm exploring around. the place is way too amazing. it's like a dream house.

There is a piano corner. enjoy and play nice melody from the grand piano. i wish i know how to play....

Living Room, very comfortable sofa and with a chimney, erm.. okay.  fake chimney.

let check upstairs. let go to our room.

the dinning area from 2nd floor.

here is how the room look like, top left and top right is where pikhung,annching,louise and christine room, which is 2 nice kingbed, and the bottom left is yike and siewfong room. how about my room. let check it out. it's located at third floor..

our room is roof top, and very woody feel, it's kinda special , so i take this room. :)

This is indoor garden, very well maintained and we had our breakfast here. there is drinks on the bar.

enjoy the environment. garden style breakfast area.

and here where they enjoy their breakfast before depart to next destination.

this is our breakfast,  a slice of cake and a sandwich. i still can remember how the taste of the sandwich, is unbelievable yummilicious!  never had a sandwich like it. and bottom right is the indoor dinning area.

After breakfast, Christine show up her talent and start hitting the piano key. and we found a cute huge bear for photography XD.

Living room for rest.very nice place indeed.

i wanted to try the piano.. but it say.. professional only... sigh...

let move outside. check out their garden.. indoor garden and outdoor garden. there is a field out here.

9 by look at their photo album i realized that this place actually snowing during winter season!!! check out their snowing album . i hardly believe Taiwan snowing? amazing.. the grass field middle here is suitable to build snowman and for snow war then XD.

checking further into their garden..and there is a very very nice view from up here. let me show you.

this is an example what you can see from the garden. nice isn't it ?. i feel like i'm in European country.

when night fall, this bungalow will turn into a very nice light house. check it out. seriously.. the owner here are very friendly, superb environment, amazing view. i love this place! i want a house like this! hehehe. that's all for Europe Villa.

Official Website : ????

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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Blessed Homemaker said...

May I know how do you book with them? Any email to contact?

Don'z said...

my friend made the booking through email if not mistaken, try http://www.villa.club.tw/

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