[ Taiwan ] FengJia Night Market - 逢甲夜市

when night falls, their famous FengJia Night Martet starting to get crowded.. and here is the our next destination for tonight

ok.. let start the FengJia Night Market Hunt. foods, shoping? let see what we can find here :)

huh???  Bean-curd French fries ?? ok.. i give this a tried... erm... all i can say is bean-curd with MSG... you know... Ajinomoto?  feel thirsty after had this...

Black Skin Stink Bean-curd... you you don't like the smell of Stink Bean-curd.. you need to get use to it while you in taiwan. cause it's everywhere!!! if you cannot TAHAN the smell at all.. get yourself a oxygen mask.

waiting for my Chicken Stick.. my "Leg Stick BBQ Chicken" ???

hmph.. i having hard to to translate this to English.. "Leg Stick BBQ"? hehehe. anyway.. the melt Cheese on top of the Chicken is Delicious.. and i waited i think more than 20 mins for 1 piece of these .....

wow??? this smell goood.. smell meaty :). oh boy oh boy!! gimme one, gimme one!

Big sausage Wrap Small Sausage. mean 2 sausage in 1 go XD . ?????

Noodle with Bread.. or should it called as BreadDog? hehehe. they just replace the Hotdog in the middle with Fried Noodle.. oh wait.. this is Curry Noodle..

Share share share!! everyone let try the CurryNoodleBreadDog XD.

yummy~~!! there goes a big bite..something special.. something that you don't see in malaysia.. YET.

Louise found herself a HUGE Bubble Pearl Tea, PikHung found herself a Giant IceCream, Yike found himself a BBQ Chicken, and guess what.. Shin Lee found herself a... ..er.... start her shopping already @.@?

and along there street.. there is lots of souvenir, clothes, bla bla bla... lot's...

and somehow... Shin Lee found something.. and she said she want to save them all, and bring them all home ? ~.~ Pooh's in the BOX!! Save them All!!

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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