[ Taiwan ] Gaomei Wetlands - 高美溼地

The First place we stop by in Taiwan.. is this Gaomei Wetlands.. this place is surprisingly breath taking! and to catch 1st Sunset in Taiwan.

Walking toward the wetlands.. and.. walk into the mud land. before the sun gone.

of course.. go into the wet lands without wearing anything.. feel the mud. feel it.. u might feel something else.. Crab XD. yeah.. i'm not joking. it's truth.. there is mini crab around.

look at the scenery.. sea and sky.. almost merged together. someone is happy to be here.

walk walk walk and you can see others people here too. and that's wind power generator back there.

look at the sun.. can you see TWO sun set from here? it's that amazing??

and i spot someone doing something funky.. with the shadows. this look awesome.. hehehe, it's time to do something creative..

like this.. love shape :P frame the sun before it gone!

or like this.. i like this picture very much :P just someon refuse to hold hand.. hmph.. argued?

and this place is BEST place for photographing.. i love this time.. damn.. hope the sunset last longer.. it just amazing.

here is photo with my love one :).

someone is waiting for the sun to come down..

the sunset.... with groups of people hunting for crab or something else perhaps.

the colour of the sky is changing.. it's the purple moment.. the sky turn purple just for a while.. also mean the sun almost gone.. quick.. grab a pic before it totally gone :P

that's it.. partially already star disappearing. time for us to make a move.. before the sky totally dark.. and we will face trouble getting out of this :P

a very wide shot of this lovely place.. this is 180 degree view of the place.. it's amazing rite. :) also a great chance to test out my new Peleng 8mm XD

here's where we parked my shoe. :)

see.. i told you there is a crab around.. and some others random shot.

[ Taiwan 2011 ]
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