[ Taiwan ] Green Green Grassland 青青草原

Once we come down from Hehuan peak, we heading to a farm now.

it's call Green Green Grassland. yeap u can see the green grass behind there. just for the green grass?

here the ticket for it. and there is some discount voucher along with the ticket.

everyone is sitting on the green green grass? something happening?

and look forward... crowded people ... and the show is going to start soon.

when i look around. i spotted there is sheep somewhere hiding in the grass. something to do with it?

Shepherd Dog is start to chasing those sheep to gather up and all heading one direction.

Sheep moving in groups. heading to the stage.

now.. all the sheep is moved on the stage. the show is about to begin. the cowboy. actually is a Matt Salleh, surprise to see a Foreigner speaking chinese here in taiwan.

here is the special equipment to separate sheep from the groups.

and she won a SHEEP!!! hahaha. just simulating how a sheep being done in oversea. hahaha

now the show begins. he showing how sheep shaving is being done. poor sheep, gonna naked very soon.

from a thick sheep and shaved into a naked sheep. must be darn cold...

once the show finished.. they still remained seated. why? even though is very hot sun shine.

cause if human traffic jammed...terrible..

under the hot sun, grab some ice cream is a great idea. they made fresh cow milk ice cream here. can redeem with the entrance ticket.

further down.. what's that meant for? horse riding? i saw some horse there.

they showing how their local people ride their horse with style.

while waiting for them to gather. can get really close contact with these bee. and that all for it.

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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