[ Taiwan ] Heading to Taiwan Once again.

Once again.. i go to LCCT, Local Cheap Cheap Terminal to catch a flight. and this time. i'm flying to Taiwan Once again.. and this time.. i'm with the groups of Kanasai's Peoples. hehehe

this 2 luggage waiting to check-in..non-fragile. can throw, can roll. XD

saw this at the duty free shop while waiting for boarding... look at the price... it say... RM13500.. RM13.5K!!! Limited Edition Anniversary Pack.. and it's tax free..any taker?

that's out flight... we're boarding it.. taiwan!! here we come!!

yay yay yay, so excited  to go Taiwan.. btw.. after taking this picture.. being warning by AirAsia worker there.. no photography in flght zone. hump??

i'm on Air Asia X to Taiwan.. hooray!!

a Klang Valley view from top.. there is KLCC... and there is the KL tower... and more familiar building u can spot?

saw this view from the plane.. can see the 1 uprise hill?? that's Tabur Hill, which i always hike, it's Tabut West and East.. gosh.. :)

i'm here at Taiwan, yes.... waiting to show off passport and my Taiwan Trip is officially begin.

our Driver is waiting for us in taiwan.. and this is the Our Tour Driver and the Vehicle.. Taiwan Journey! let's Begins!!

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

4 Msg:

Blessed Homemaker said...

Did the driver follow you throughout your journey? Do you recommend this driver?

Don'z said...

almost throughout the journey, but while in Taipei, we on our own since the public transportation is very conveniences. highly recommended, he used to be chefs in Taiwan, so he lead us to very nice food. :)

Blessed Homemaker said...

Can you pls share his contact? Any email? Thanks.

Katie said...

Hi, saw your blog. Possible to share the driver's contact as well? Thanks

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