[ Taiwan ] Hotel In FengJia - 旅人行館

it's almost resting time.. time to recharge ourself, prepare for tomorrow taiwan journey. and before we go for rest. let me show u how our room look like..look kinda nice so decided to share here with you all :)

Twin Master-bed Room(???? ???). this is 4 our the ladies room. look nice? comfortable rite? :)

quicky grab a 180 degree shot from the door :P. this is how the room look like in Fish Eye mode :P

and this is Chairman Chaiyik family room :)

Chairman Chai Yik and Siew Foong Room (???? ???). lovely isn't it?

This is the place where i sleep(???? ???). see the love shape ceiling light?? it's kinda small, but very comfortable :).

Good Night Taiwan. there will be more Photo tomorrow. :)

the light switched on and the light switched off.

see how romantic's this room look like when light switched off ? XD. ok. good night~

if you're interested..here is their official website.

Website : traveler.fengchia.com.tw
Contact : 0923-215588?0985-610888

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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lostsoul said...

hi, your blog is very nice.
Can i check with you
(1) what is the room rate for the hotel u stay in?
(2) how to get fro Taoyuan Airport to your hotel? how long it took?
(3) is the hotel convenient to travel to the following places:
(a) carton king
(b) moncoeur
(c) lavender cottage
How long is the duration from the hotel to the places? and how do u get to those places?

Thank you so much if u could help me and would appreciate if u could email me at perlin_pek@hotmail.com

ONce again enjoy reading ur blog, very nice pic u hav

Elaine said...


Can I have the Feng Jia Home Stay email address??

Thanks & regards,

Don'z said...


their website didn't state their email anywhere, but if you want to contact them, try use this


Don'z said...


sorry for late reply, thanks for reading my blog. :)

(1)i can't really remember each of the roomrate, we shared pour-rated all the hotel roomrate among us. try check on their website. i did provided link to their official site.

(2)again, i not so sure.. we rent a van to bring us to place we wanted to go. we stop by few place before we reach the hotel. i think about 2 hours? just a rough estimation.

(3a,b,c)i sure there is some others place to stay nearby these places, but we come back and stay at this 旅人行館 motel.

(4) how long to travel to the place.. sorry.. i really can't remember that. but we rent a van driver to bring us there. hope i answered your question.



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