[ Taiwan ] Houfong Bikeway 東豐后里鐵馬道

we're here, is time to get some ride. let see. which bicycle should i choose...

this bicycle look a bit weird to me... oh.. there is 2 seat! but is it really suitable for couple? maybe.. maybe not?

Tada~ found another looong bicycle for us. gosh.. never think that i will ride on this kind of bicycle before. LOL.

a group photos Cyclist . the Kanasai Cyclist . let the cycling session begins.

journey started.. luckily there is not much or uphill road...

there is a tough bridge, and  we crossing a river. and stop by to burn some shutter.

another group photo of Kanasai Cyclist.

The Twin Seat Cyclist, from the twin seat cycle.

another complete Kanasai groups

further down, there is a tunnel to somewhere. will it be another world on the other side? hahaha. just joking. :P

The tunnel was known as Tunnel No.9. why number nine and where the rest? i don't know. anyone willing to contribute the details? hehe

middle of the tunnel.. was kinda tired.. stop for a rest.. and we realized that this is a long tunnel. 1.269KM. we're from that end

To that end.... haven't see the exit yet.. oh yes, this tunnel are previously train tunnel. but abandon once the new railway is build. they turn part of the railway, bridge, tunnel into bike way today

once out of the tunnel. further down, most people take a rest there. and we spotted this little stall...

and we borrowed the stall goodies to play around for photography. hehe.luckily the owner didn't "Franza" with me . hehehe

spottted more weird weird bicycle nearby there.. electric assist bicycle ?? damn... why it doesn't come with twin seat model? haihz

and talking about branded.. this is the one. Harley-Davidson, eh? Davidson-Harley? erm erm erm? i'm confused :p

we reached Hou Li, and here come another group photo.

and when you see this Houli Horse Ranch, mean we're reached the end and time to U-Turn..

here's the map of the bicycle map, and we took the shortest path which clocked 18KM!

More Info : About Houfong Bikeway

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