[ Taiwan ] Hwahsi Tourist Night Market 西街夜市

when night fall, is time for night market again. and tonight we went to a not so famous night market.

it's kinda few people here. and mostly food. nothing interesting to look at. some stall/shop even didn't open for business.

as you see, the previous tour guide told me this is some sorf of.. old man night market.

and another group photo that proved we're here b4.

found a funny name stink beancurd. "????????". weird name...never see the words "?" before.

and there is porn dvd for sell here. how i know? it say 18SX. lol.

wow.. this is classic!!! i can't imagine there is still someone selling these Tapes? there are cartridge for first generation 8 bit NES sistem (Nintendo Entertainment System), which mean... child today playing PS3, at my age, i playing NES. gosh.. show that i'm very old T_T.

out of sudden, the firework released.

AnnChing somehow stop by a gold fish stall, to find a uncle gold fish? guess she more interested in gold fish.

trying very hard to catch gold fish with that tiny piece of paper..

trying trying and keep tring..

managed to capture 1 gold fish.. but... while she feel very excited about it.. the gold fish jump back the it aquarium again.. pity little ann.

and there is a  lot of these kind of entertainment system. and i have no idea how it works. some kind of ticket redeem machine?

and guess what , gas gun. and the street. which this is illegal in malaysia. but it common in taiwan. you can actually buy it form some stall.

i zoom in further and check it out. it metal finished, look at it. doesn't look like toy at all.

okay.. that's all for the night market. i would say this street is overrated. nothing interested to see here. maybe because of the drama called ???? to make this street wellknown?

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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