[ Taiwan ] Jiufen Old Street 九份老街

we at Jiu Fen old street, let see what do they sell here. kinda crowded here.

seem like a lot food, snacks, souvenir can be found from here.

fancy stuff can be seen here. included something like this? the milk bottle... just to pull your attention for their business

and i find there is a shoe stall. which they sell unique shoes.

something like this.. massage shoe? they name it as abacus shoe .[算盤鞋]

and more fancy fancy wooden shoe..

some time later.. the street become more crowded.. lunch hours? more tourist arrived?

some fancy items, souvenir ..

Brown sugur winter melon tea? essence? not sure about that.

these is meat balls, what kind of meat? why it's black?no clue... i didn't try it..

a lot ppl surrounded this stall.. i wonder why. let go nearer to have a look.

oh boy! it's Taiwan famous sausage! look delicious. yummy...

hey boss, may i ask......... @.@!!!! (OMGWTFBBQ) scared the hell out of me! and she say.. " anything that i can help?"

they do almost everything to pull customer attention, and this is one of the famous stall in this street. superb friendly. funny. and photogenic... btw, the sausage she sell, not bad too.

okay.. guess that's all for the JiuFen Old Street.

[ Taiwan 2011 ]

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